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Yoga & Astrology: The Sun, Moon, and Stars

By aligning the practice of yoga with astrology, we have the power to become more attuned to the universe and achieve a deeper state of wellness and fulfillment. Ancient yogis knew that our bodies align with the sun and moon. That explains the term hatha; Ha-tha Yoga actually means Sun and Moon in Sanskrit. Ha = Sun. Tha = Moon. Understanding the power that astrology can bring to you practice and your overall well-being can have subtle, yet profound benefits to your day-to-day life.

This 6-class series of yoga and meditation with yoga teacher and astrology expert, Geenie Celento, brings you classes designed to be practiced on different days of the week. It includes practices for particular phases of the moon, making it a valuable package to return to every month to stay in perfect sync with the stars and moon.

If you are already an enthusiast of yoga and astrology, this package is a perfect way to harmonize the benefits of both. If you're newer to either, this package is a wonderful way to learn more about both yoga and astrology, and experience how they can complement each other and to bring amazing benefits to you.

  • Adv. beginner through advanced practitioners
  • Anyone to who wants to learn more about astrology
  • Yoga practitioners interested in astrology

  • How the moon, planets, and stars affect you emotionally
  • Using your understanding of astrology to increase your quality of life
  • Yoga, meditation, and ritual practices that are infused with astrology inspiration
  • Powerful practices to do at specific times during a moon cycle


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Yoga & Astrology Package
$ 30.00
$ 30.00
Program Items
Full Moon Flow Work with the energy of the full moon to ignite your intentions and burn away what no longer serves you.
Full Moon Meditation & Breathwork This relaxing meditation and breathwork illuminate abundance in your life and magnetizes wealth, beauty, and prosperity.
New Moon Flow This flow aligns you with the energy of the new moon, to expand your higher wisdom and intuition.
New Moon Meditation & Breathwork Imbued with Kali Ma energy, this meditation brings you into full acceptance and the embodiment of all that you are and all you are becoming.
Astrology Flow: Jupiter in Libra Sequenced on the energetic and elements of Jupiter in Libra you will align into balancing expansion and flow into a full body sequence with twists, balancing, and a nice blend of seated poses.
Astrology Flow: Saturn Transit Saturn is the embodiment of discipline and structure, its energy is to move you in alignment with your heart's desires. This sequence aids in integrating forgotten aspects of life or self that store in the body and create limiting patterns.