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Why YogaDownload's A Perfect Solution For Traveling & Yoga On The Go

Why YogaDownload's A Perfect Solution For Traveling & Yoga On The Go

This guest post was originally published on our yogini friend Whitney Reynolds' blog,

I am just finishing up my two week trial with YogaDownload. Here are my thoughts on my experience, what I enjoyed, and who I think would make a good fit for this platform.

Week 1: Decision Paralysis

The first week at YogaDownload can be overwhelming. There are so many choices of classes and programs to choose from! They give good guidance but the sheer number of choices can make it difficult to decide where to begin.

As a yoga teacher myself, I am a bit picky when it comes to my online yoga studio. I want high quality. I want variety. I want to be able to choose my experience. At YogaDownload, you can do all of that. But, it doesn’t make choosing from 1700+ videos an easy task.

Week 2: Discovering Programs

In my second week with YogaDownload, I discovered the Programs, which changed everything.

My biggest draw in sticking with YogaDownload beyond the free trial period is the emphasis placed on specific programs. There is a program for basically anything!

As a frequent traveler, I have found it hard to get into the studio. Having a program to follow in my free time is the best way to stay motivated while on the go. I like the “package” set of classes that have been created and put together specifically for what I need.

Yoga For Travelers

If you are a traveling yogi like me, you may enjoy having access to the Frequent Flyer Package. This package is an eight class series that takes the edge off some of those longer travel days. It goes beyond the basic “Yoga for Travel” that you’ve seen on YouTube twenty times before.

Shake off your jet lag with Unwind from Planes and Cars sequence and then settle into a peaceful sleep with Nighttime Nidra, despite the difference in time zone. I was particularly keen for the “On-The-Go Detoxifying Sequence” because it’s accessible benefits like lymphatic drainage and assistance with digestion! This is a valuable tool when you’re tasting a lot of new cultural dishes that your body isn’t used to.

If you have ever felt like you need a good stretch after a long flight, then you want access to the Frequent Flyer Yoga Package. It really seems to cover all the basis of staying fit, healthy, and in your routine despite not being in a physical studio.

Convenience Factor

A final note I want to share about YogaDownload, is the convenience factor. Most streaming services require you to use data or wifi in order to take the class. If you are traveling, you may not have access to data, or your wifi may be weak. This can cause a problem for accessing your classes, but not if you use YogaDownload!

YogaDownload removes that problem by allowing you to download the classes directly to your phone or device.

Pick the program you want while you are connected to data, and save it for later. I usually do this with my music before every flight. Now, I will do it with my yoga class too.

When you’ve landed in your destination, you can access the classes without having to connect to data at all. It’s so convenient!

In my opinion, it’s the perfect solution for travelers who wish to stay connected with their yoga practice. Sending all the good vibes your way.


Certified yoga teacher, world traveler, and self-identified moon person. She's spent the last few years infusing the lunar cycles into my awareness while traveling the world. She likes digging into the local legends and spiritual practices of places she visits.

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