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Fearless After Fifty

Videos to Support Strength and Resilience as our Bodies Change over Time.

Welcome! We want you to know that whether you are turning fifty (or forty, or eighty!) or even if you just want to practice in a stronger, more resilient way, you are not alone. We are here with you. Desiree and Michelle have written a book, Fearless After Fifty: How to Thrive with Grace, Grit and Yoga, to support you on this journey in mind, body and spirit.

Desiree, Michelle’s longtime teacher, teaches yoga with strength and perseverance, creating long, resilient muscles and flexibility in the body. This method is beneficial for everyone, but it is particularly good as we age and lose muscle mass. We also make our core and spinal alignment a priority. After all, who can be happy if they have a pain in the back? Focusing on creating strength, length and the spine will mean it’s not game over at midlife; it’s game on.

You can enjoy these videos on their own, or you can watch them as a supplement to the book. Each video corresponds to a Fearless After Fifty chapter and is meant to explain the yoga. The videos are instructional in nature and average about 30 minutes, with the exception of “Let’s Practice,” where we put it all together. It is our hope that you learn to trust your body, that you discover techniques to quiet your mind, and that ultimately you find your resilient and vibrant spirit with yoga.

One last note: in many of our videos we have the following props: a blanket, a yoga block and a yoga strap or belt. These are not “mandatory,” but we find them quite helpful as we often need support to maintain proper posture. If you are getting older, or just getting started, these props might be a good investment for your practice.

Desiree and Michelle

  • Suitable for beginner through advanced students
  • Those who want to continue feeling and becoming stronger as they age
  • Anyone struggling with aging
  • Those who are 50+ (the program is also beneficial to those younger than 50 as well)

  • Strong, easy to follow, yoga practices that focus on strength and flexibility
  • A deeper understanding of healthy yoga alignment
  • Yoga practices that focus on different parts of the body
  • Practices designed to keep you getting stronger, regardless of your age
  • Yoga classes that are beneficial for injury relief and prevention


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Fearless After Fifty
$ 49.99
$ 49.99
Program Items
Chapter One Find Strength Through Your Feet
Chapter Two Steady is the New Strong: Legs
Chapter Three Community and Connection : Knees and Hips
Chapter Four Have Faith, Abdominal Strength
Chapter Five Be the Change, Shouldering On!
Chapter Six Warrior Heal Thyself : The Neck
Chapter Seven Equanimity and Balance : The Wrists
Chapter Eight Plan B: Stepping Back with Meditation
Chapter Nine Let’s Practice: Where We Put it All Together
BONUS VIDEO 1 Happy Feet: A Daily Practice for Strength and Flex
BONUS VIDEO 2 Never Give Up!
BONUS VIDEO 3 Fearless Flyers: Safety First with Inversions