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Fearless Flyers: Safety First with Inversions

Desiree Rumbaugh & Michelle Marchildon

Fearless After Fifty: Bonus Video

Who doesn’t want to fly, feel strong and build trust in the Universe? That’s what we’re having, but to be honest, older warriors have more risk when it comes to balancing out the rewards. We must have proper shoulder alignment or else we can create real and lasting problems in our upper bodies. We must be safe-ish, as a fall at sixty could likely break a hip. Therefore, we show you how to build your inner badass, at a wall. We can’t absolutely guarantee that bad things won’t happen, after all, this is life and we’re all in it together. However, if you follow these tips, you will learn how to approach an inversion practice with fearlessness, and safety first. This class is mostly a detailed demonstration of postures to practice.

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