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Body Positive Yoga Package

Body Positivity Yoga is for every single body and emphasizes that no one physical size is better suited for this powerful and transformational practice. This program celebrates that all shapes and sizes can be blessed by this art and practice called yoga.

This 5-class program of radically inclusive practices, is taught by Dana Smith, the author of Yes Yoga has Curves. She is an expert teacher and passionate about breaking down stereotypes and insecurities that prevent people from getting on their mat, or making them feel like yoga is not for them. In popular media only one type of yoga body is highlighted disproportionately and there is little representation for fuller bodied people. Because of this, many don’t think they have the “yoga body” and hesitate exploring yoga, even though it has countless benefits!

While the true essence of yoga is what you do from your heart, not what you do with your body, there is a physicality to this practice. Fortunately, yoga is easily able to be modified to fit any individual, regardless of body type. The essence of creating clearer mind, kinder heart, and a more peaceful life, through the practice, is the same, regardless of how different teachers and students approach yoga. Whether you want to feel more confident about the skin you're in, have never tried yoga before because you felt intimidated, or simply want yoga classes that feel more inclusive and less exclusive, this Body Positivity Yoga program will have you feeling wonderful about yourself.

  • Beginner through advanced students
  • Anyone who wants to feel good in their body
  • Those who want to love themself more
  • People of all shapes and sizes, who want to practice, challenging and accessible yoga classes

  • Five diverse, well-rounded vinyasa yoga classes that will both teach you and challenge you
  • How to deepen your yoga practice, and learn to love and accept yourself more in the process
  • All-levels yoga classes, with modifications for all ages and shapes


Full Program
Body Positive Yoga Package
$ 26.00
$ 26.00
Program Items
Find Your Strength This mixed-level class focuses on asanas designed to build strength, stamina and move you to your edge.
Blissful Balance In this mixed level class yogis will explore the art of blissful balance through asanas designed to increase focus and awaken the core.
Flow with the Go In this mixed-level class you will learn how to bring calm to chaos and bring busyness to a gentle rhythm.
Open Your Heart In this yoga practice we will explore asanas designed to open the heart and increase the flow of self-love.
Shifting Paradigms In this dynamic class, you'll learn the key actions to work towards and achieve this pose.