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$ 20.00

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Arm Balancing Technique Workshop

Have you ever wanted to work on your arm balance postures in a way that will get you closer then you've ever gotten before (or help you get stronger and more stable if you already have an arm balancing practice)? This arm balancing technique workshop will take you there! Kyle has an uncanny ability to break down the anatomy of each posture, build the strength and structure in your body parts required for each one, and then safely and effective get you into poses you never thought you could. You will build strength, a deeper understanding of alignment and technique, and will most definitely surprise yourself!

  • Adv. beginner through advanced students
  • Yogis who want to learn to learn techniques to help you get into and hold arm balancing poses
  • Anyone wanting to learn about arm balances in greater detail
  • Those wanting to get stronger in their yoga practice, and work towards more challenging postures

  • Find a deeper understanding of alignment and technique in arm balances
  • 6 concise, effective technique workshops
  • Build strength in your arms, shoulders, chest, and core
  • A deeper understanding of the anatomy of arm balances and a healthy yoga practice
  • Surprise yourself by getting closer to holding arm balances, or holding them longer than you ever have before!

  • 6 technique workshop classes that are 20-30 min each

Full Program
Arm Balancing Workshop
$ 20.00
$ 20.00
Program Items
Arm Balancing Workshop 1 - Two Crows & a Crane A strategic wrist and shoulder prep routine that sets you up for success in your arm balance practice!
Arm Balancing Workshop 2 - Hurdle & 8 Angle Pose A wrist and shoulder prep sequence along with stretches for the hips and hamstrings, then a demonstration on how to use your hips (your center of gravity) to maintain balance.
Arm Balancing Workshop 3 - Peacock Build core strength as your shown a few different variations of this fun pose.
Arm Balancing Workshop 4 - Headstands & Headbands Let your core muscles fire as you learn the foundation of two different versions - tripod and supported headstand.
Arm Balancing Workshop 5 - Forearm Stand Shoulder and wrist prep before learning what to do with your arms to create a strong forearm stand.
Arm Balancing Workshop 6 - Handstands Progress from getting a little hang-time to a lot and have fun seeing the world from a different perspective!
Arm Balancing Workshop Guide