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No Mat (No Excuses!) Standing Yoga

No Mat (No Excuses!) Standing Yoga

Consistency is a concept we discuss frequently in yoga. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 1:14 states, sa tu dirghakala nairantarya satkarasevito drdhabhumih: Practice that is done for a long time, without break and with sincere devotion becomes a firmly rooted, stable, and solid foundation.

In other words, you must be consistent in your yoga practice to reap the physical, emotional, and mental benefits. A few classes here and there won’t do it. Sometimes it’s simply not feasible to practice full length classes regularly at a studio. One of the biggest benefits of online yoga with us is you can practice anytime and anywhere.

Consistency and discipline looks different for all of us. If you’re a YogaDownload yogi, you understand the importance of yoga most days. If you only have fifteen minutes, you can squeeze in a quick practice at home or when you’re traveling. On the days you have plenty of time for a longer class, great! It’s more about the commitment to settling into your breath and movement each day, no excuses.

During the holiday season, our customary routines and schedules are often tossed out the window. Whether you’re in a hotel room or sleeping in your childhood bedroom, you may have limited space and time. Also, traveling with a yoga mat isn’t always feasible so you’ll need to get creative.

Don’t worry––you can keep your practice going with our specially designed practices for small spaces. These classes focus on standing poses, which will get your blood flowing, strengthen and stretch all your muscles, clear your mind, and soften your heart. You’ll get your yoga buzz and keep yourself on track until you can return to your regular routine.

So sneak off somewhere in your Aunt Susie’s attic or stand right next to your hotel bed and take a few minutes for yourself! Pick a class and press play! Happy holidays!

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