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Yoga on the Go: Crafting a Portable Practice for Traveling Instructors

Yoga on the Go: Crafting a Portable Practice for Traveling Instructors

Most yogis practice at a well-established studio with all the equipment needed to run a great practice. This means yogis can play music, perform equipped poses, and allow newcomers to borrow things like blocks and bands.

However, you don’t necessarily need to practice from the same space year-round. In fact, taking your yoga on the road may be the perfect way to learn new flows, connect with other practitioners, and earn some extra cash.

Yoga on the go is perfect if you’re traveling but still want to maintain your fitness, too. Even a simple session with a mat, a clean space, and thirty minutes of free time can clear your mind and improve your health.

Essential Equipment

Yoga is over 5,000 years old. During that time, most people who took to the discipline didn’t have supportive vinyl mats to work with. That means that you can probably practice anywhere at any time if you have enough motivation and are willing to alter your normal practice.

However, modern tools and mats do help practitioners deepen their stretch and avoid injury. It’s always a good idea to bring a supportive, reliable mat with you. If you’re planning on teaching groups, consider packing a few extra mats for folks who are new to the discipline.

You may be able to pack a few blocks and straps, too. This can be helpful if you’re working through an injury or are experimenting with new poses. Ultimately, you’ll know your own practice better than anyone and can bring the equipment that supports your flow.

You will, however, need to bring essential first-aid equipment. While most practices go by without a hitch, you’re certain to run into a medical emergency at some point while teaching. Keep things simple by packing a well-stocked emergency kit and learning some first-aid tips while at work to deal with minor strains, sprains, and cuts. For instance, if someone has an injury that has broken the skin, you can use straps as a makeshift tourniquet to stem the bleeding.

Making Room for Extras

It’s usually best to adopt a spartan approach to packing when traveling and teaching. However, that doesn’t mean you need to give up all your goodies for no reason.

Instead, consider setting aside a little of your pack for extras like portable speakers, incense, and gifts for fellow practitioners. This will leave a lasting impression on the folks you train with and may boost your profile as a professional yogi.

You’ll also need to make space for items that boost your health and keep you in shape. Don’t overlook the importance of simple items like foam rollers and aromatherapy tools that reduce stress. This is particularly important if you struggle with travel anxiety. A few simple home pleasures can make a world of difference between practices and will help you maintain your motivation when living on the road.

Finding Time

The idea of traveling and teaching is appealing to many yogis. However, you may find that trying to balance work and play becomes difficult when you’re living on the road. This can become a real issue, as you need to set aside time for your own practice between teaching classes.

Craft some time for yourself with a portable practice that works for you. Try to focus on poses and flows that help you unravel after travel, like:

  • Caitlin Rose Kenney’s Vinyasa-powered “Unravel from Travel”;
  • Claire Petretti Marti’s releasing “Travel Transition Tune-up”;
  • Celest Pereira’s energy-boosting “Yoga for Travelers/”

These flows help you unwind physically and mentally. They incorporate plenty of gentle side bends and twists, too, meaning you can slowly recover after a day at the wheel. Once you’ve thrown down your bags, set aside some time for these quick classes that prepare your body and alleviate any tension you’re still carrying.

Financial Stability

Teaching yoga can be lucrative if you’re able to raise your profile and charge a premium price for your services. However, managing your money while on the road can be tricky if you’re used to stability. It’s easy to spend more than usual when eating out, renting hotel rooms, and traveling to new destinations.

Give yourself financial peace of mind by using technology to manage your money. Most banks now offer mobile apps that help you check in on your balance and set a budget. You can also use this service to automate bill payments and set tax reminders. Just be sure to set a permanent address before you decide to travel. An actively monitored permanent address is essential as your bank and employers will likely send you mail while you are away.


Taking your yoga practice on the go is a great way to earn some extra income while connecting with yogis and practitioners. However, you’ll need to make some strategic changes if you want to make the most of your time on the road. Learn to practice with minimal equipment and try to pack more than the bare essentials. This will elevate your practice, improve your reputation, and help finance future travels. 

By Katie Brenneman

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