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Unravel from Travel

Unravel from Travel

Hello fellow travelers, how are you feeling this week? Have you been consistent in your practice? Are you feeling grounded yet energized, calm yet revitalized? If you’re on the road right now or just returned from a vacation or work trip, it’s possible you’ve skipped yoga and regular workouts. You’re not alone but never fear, we’re here to keep you on track and/or ignite your desire to step back onto your mat.

Part of why we created YogaDownload is for yogis who prefer to practice at home. But another part of our vision was to provide a portable platform (hello App!) so you can maintain your flexibility, mobility, and fitness when you’re on the road. And once you’ve returned home, you can press play and center yourself in familiar territory. Stepping back into your routine will have you feeling balanced in no time.

When you’re on the road, especially when you’re traveling via plane, the predominant energy is air or Vata in Ayurvedic philosophy. Excessive Vata energy manifests mentally restlessness and scattered thoughts. Physically, a Vata imbalance can cause dry skin, and dehydration, which messes with healthy digestion. It’s important to introduce grounding postures to steady and focus. A quick practice in your hotel room or wherever you’re staying will help you feel balanced and confident.

If you’ve returned home after hours of travel, you may just feel like diving onto the couch and snuggling under the blankets. But to release the stiffness in your body and the sleepiness in your mind, try a short practice first. Even a quick class to work out the kinks in your spine, the tightness in your hips, and adjust your mindset goes a long way to unwinding. This week’s classes are specifically designed to keep you feeling your best on the road and after you return. Enjoy!

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