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Twist it Out

Twist it Out

Life is a daring adventure, without fear, be ready to enjoy the twists and turns.” ~Debasish Mridha

Like a spark of lightning or a crash of thunder, our lives can transform in a flash. We can’t control external events, but we can control our reaction to them. Think of your yoga mat as the preparation zone for the rest of your day. Life isn’t linear, it’s a winding twisting journey so why not twist it out on your mat first?

Twists are an excellent way to invite in a feeling of lightness, to release negative thoughts and emotions, to keep your spine healthy, and to benefit your internal organs. Here are 3 ways twists help.

1. Stimulates Digestion and Elimination

When you twist from your mid-section, you’re placing gentle compression on your internal organs, helping them work efficiently. By rotating your spine, you’re boosting your circulation and encouraging toxins in the liver and kidneys to depart via your lymphatic system. You can release stagnant energy weighing you down and feel more buoyant and alert.

2. Promotes Spinal Health and Prevents Back Pain

Moving our spines though all three planes of motion: front to back (sagittal plane), side to side (lateral plane), and rotation (transverse plane) is vital to maintain proper posture. Twists help create space in the muscles and connective tissue surrounding the spinal column. This helps prevent compressed or herniated vertebrae and discs and improves range of motion. To maintain healthy alignment, we need to counteract the compressing effects of sitting too much and twists play a part in the process.

3. Aids in Creating a Calm and Positive Mindset

Yoga’s greatest purpose and arguably greatest benefit is learning to direct our attention where we want it to go or to control our thoughts. When we create freedom and space in our spine through invigorating and/or soothing twists, we create quiet and calm in our minds and our hearts. If you’re feeling weighed down with your thoughts and emotions, twists are a powerful way to positively impact your mood and mindset.

This week’s classes focus on twisting postures, not simply to benefit your physical body but serve as a tool to navigate life’s twists and turns. Enjoy! 

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