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Spicy Vinyasa-Fast flowing Vinyasa

Spicy Vinyasa-Fast flowing Vinyasa

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” ~Michael John Bobak

Okay yogis, it’s time to mix it up on the mat. We all have our favorite teachers, preferred classes and routines. And if returning to your favorites keeps you practicing consistently, that’s fantastic! But sometimes, you’ve got to shake things up to continue growing. This week, try a faster paced Vinyasa Flow class. Read on for just a handful of the benefits of this style of yoga.

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a flowing, varied sequence of postures linked with your breath to create a moving meditation. These classes are all unique, colored by the teacher’s creativity and energy. Of course, classes vary but the faster paced practices feel like a powerful dance with your breath. Whether the class emphasizes a vigorous pace or an emphasis on muscular strength, you’ll feel invigorated.

Your body is designed to move in a variety of ways. When you vary your routine, you can prevent repetitive stress injuries and keep your mind engaged by not shifting into auto-pilot. Faster paced Vinyasa classes challenge your stamina, build muscular and cardiovascular endurance, boost your mood with endorphins, and quiets your mind. The emphasis on flowing breath to movement goes a long way to calm anxiety. And, because you work at a challenging pace, you’ll be primed for an excellent night’s sleep.

A dynamic yoga practice ensures you’re tuning out distractions and focusing on the present moment. If you’re keeping up with the vigorous pace, you literally can’t focus on anything but your breath and movement. Don’t worry––you can always modify the class to suit your abilities and energy. The openings we create in our physical body help release emotions and thoughts, which might be blocking us from living life to the fullest.

Sometimes staying on a path of growth is as simple as sweating it out on the yoga mat. The physical, mental, and emotional are intertwined and sometimes what feels like a workout for the body, is really a balm for the soul. This week, spice up your practice and your life with four classes designed to help you feel empowered, invigorated, and ready for anything! 


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