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Become the Hero of Your Own Story

Posted on 9/30/2014 by Alanna Kaivalya in hero joseph campbell mystic myth mythology philosophy hero's journey

The hero in any story never starts out that way. He or she begins as an ordinary human stuck in the doldrums of their circumstance. In The Matrix, Neo is a simple office clerk whose cubicle is barely adorned. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Bucket is a poor English schoolboy who works a paper route for a few meager coins to feed his family. In Braveheart, William Wallace is a Scottish countryman with a little farm and a lot of love for a beautiful girl.

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Bring it on Home

Posted on 9/22/2014 by Laura Denham-Jones in finding balance home practice Laura Denham-Jones

The origins, challenges and benefits of a home yoga practice.

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Who's That Lady?

Posted on 9/14/2014 by Amber Chalus in Amber Chalus inner-voice desire truth

What do you really want from your life my friend? If you are like most women I know, you might say that you want a healthier and slimmer body. More energy. Radiant skin. Inner and outer confidence.

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Day Trippers

Posted on 9/14/2014 by Hayley Hobson in Hayley Hobson self-care rituals

The first hour of your day sets the tone for how the rest of the day is going to go. Disagree?

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Kick Cravings to the Curb

Posted on 9/7/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in healthy living The Conscious Cleanse cravings

Is it sugar? Salty snacks? Coffee? Wine?

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To Thyself Be Loving: 4 Simple Self-Love Rituals

Posted on 9/4/2014 by Amber Chalus in Amber Chalus Self-Love rituals

Are you a victim of Conditional Self Love? Things like self care, self love and self acceptance have come up during my personal yoga journey. And it's been reminding me of the importance of loving myself just as I am. Why is self love important? Why is self acceptance so crucial?

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WTF? (Why the Fears)

Posted on 9/1/2014 by Meredith Cameron in fear Meredith Cameron powerful you

We all have them. They linger. They are sneaky and quiet but they can create our lives to be grippy. Sticky. Stuck. Heavy. But we continue to feed them. WHY???

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