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The Yoga Train You Don't Want to Miss

Posted on 3/26/2013 by Anitra Lahiri in Yoga Myths

When something as beautiful and life-changing as yoga gets misunderstood, it's like watching a person miss a train that could have taken them right to the destination of their dreams ... I know that train will take them there, but they pass up on the chance for a free ride to a life-altering vacation; the train revs up its engine and moves away from them, and there's nothing I can do to prove to them that a beautiful vacation destination had awaited them. As a yoga instructor and an avid yoga practitioner for all of my adult life, I think I've heard most of the excuses, reasons, myths, and confusions surrounding yoga.

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Balance your Energy & Your bank Account

Posted on 3/18/2013 by Sara Stringer in Yoga and Finances

Yoga is the ultimate way to bring your mind and body into balance. The structured movements strengthen your core muscles, reduce your heart rate and leave you feeling rested yet energetic. So what on Earth does the downward dog have to do with your portfolio? That's easy, well sort of.

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Samadhi: Why I work to teach you "Nothing"

Posted on 3/12/2013 by Alan Finger in Samadhi

The main goal of what we do in yoga is to reach a state called Samadhi. Samadhi is the very state of yoga, and it is a very difficult thing to describe. The only description is “nothing.” That’s a very hard thing to explain – how this nothing can be so good for you. In our lives we’re born with five senses and our five senses are given to us to explore and to survive, all as part of evolution. But the senses aren’t really designed at all for us to look inside; they are designed for us to be in the world, to survive and do stuff out there, and to be busy with life. And that’s the problem.

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