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Shy Sayar  Flower

Longtime YogaDownload teacher Shy Sayar is a Somatic Therapist and founder of Lifeline Somatics: a global leader in embodied mental health care, research and education. Shy is also founder of Tantravaya Yoga, and has over 30 years of experience in yoga, training and certifying yoga teachers and therapists and teaching students of all levels.

In his doctoral work at UC Berkeley, he studied psychology, analysis and symptomatic reading, but it was even more through his decades of studying and teaching yoga, Chi Gong, meditation and the teachings of Buddhist psychology that he developed his uniquely powerful & effective approach to Somatic Therapy. Shy specializes in helping adults & adolescents address all forms of mental suffering, chronic pain and self-destructive patterns, as well as working with couples on developing the skills to nourish healthy relationships. His sessions integrate mindfulness and breathing techniques, movement practices and Ayurvedic methods into the therapeutic dialogue, as well as the greater perspective of lifestyle guidance – from nutrition and sleep habits to self-care and relationship skills. He prides himself most on being a loving partner and father, and an active, compassionate listener.

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