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Kristen Boyle  Flower

Kristen Boyle, of IndieFlow Yoga, is a lifelong student of the body and movement is her creative outlet. She offers unique and fluid Vinyasa Flow classes with intelligent alignment. Kristen believes the Asana practice is simply a physical entry point to the deeper layers of our being. She approaches her yoga mat as an "Asana Playground", and inspiration for her classes comes from two questions: “What will my body experience today?” and “How can I apply the lessons on the mat to my life as a whole?”

Classes with Kristen emphasize that through our Asana Playground, we can explore and truly embody new concepts, ideas, and spirituality to take into the world. Students can expect a fun, unpredictable, creative, Indie-flow with a lot of soul!

Kristen enjoys practicing with insightful instructors of many backgrounds, and absorbs new concepts for her own classes. She does not ascribe to one teacher or style, hence her moniker, “IndieFlow Yoga”.