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45 min class (45:09)
$ 6.99
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The Smallest Change

Kristen Boyle

"The smallest change done with the greatest of attention can have the largest impact."

This class pivots on one alignment principle - supporting the natural curve of the lumbar spine and working strength in the upper back to broaden the chest, thereby undoing the "tucking" and forward-head posture that is chronic with our culture of chairs, computers and the notorious "text-asana!"

This principle is applied to poses throughout the class, culminating in ustrasana (camel) and eka pada kapotasana (pigeon) with a novel approach. The postures used in this class are accessible to students of all levels, but the precise cueing and alignment principle applied to the class create a more advanced application of the postures. This is a great class for both intermediate and advanced practitioners to experience more strength, depth, and freedom.

Kristen recommends using the following playlist for this class: Spotify playlist for The Smallest Change

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