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45 min class (45:00)
$ 6.99
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Kindness is Strength: Deep Hip Flow

Kristen Boyle

I've said for a long time that it takes more strength to be kind. And yet, kindness is much overlooked. This is because to truly be kind, you have to know deeply it's opposite, sorrow.

This class was inspired by the poem, Kindness, by Naomi Shahib Nye, which describes this concept so beautifully.

And kindness does not mean always doing the "nice" thing or the "easy" thing; sometimes it is hard, strong, and the ultimate form of nurturance.

In this deepening-into-the-hips flow, you will explore what kindness is, in your body: what does it mean to EMBODY kindness?
It is through the practice of embodiment that you come to directly experience a concept, then integrate it into your life, so you are well equipped to live it.

After this class, you will feel a sense of freedom from slowing down the pace to work deeply into the hips. Allow yourself to be with what arises in each shape, exploring your own edge, and practicing kindness with yourself.

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