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Hips + Shoulders: How We Hold Tension In The Body

Kristen Boyle

We all hold tension in the body, and when life becomes stressful, fast-paced, or when you feel flooded or overwhelmed, the patterns that were set up long ago as your nervous system did it's amazing job to keep you alive, show up as your shoulders raise to your ears, or you tense up in the hips. This is all done on an unconscious level, and for good reason. And yet, these patterns often leave tension behind as a reminder that life is out of balance.

Becoming aware of these physical "go-to" patterns is the first step towards conscously changing these, which allows you to choose something different, more beneficial, and over time, resolving the build up of tension, so you can shift toward more wellbeing.

This 45-minute class brings a focus to hips and shoulders: areas of the body where tension is most often held, and relieving both is the key to freeing up the spine and the whole body system to live better.

Shoulder openers and classic warrior poses with precise alignment cueing, facilitates a balance of strength and flexibility. You will feel complete and whole after this practice.

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