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50 min class (52:26)
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IndieFlow Postnatal Yoga

Kristen Boyle

Peace begins from within. As a new mom it is imperative to find a sense of calm, as life can feel more chaotic, especially when your baby is crying, dinner is cooking, and laundry is piling up. We begin this practice with a seated meditation and mantra: Sarvesham Shantir Bhavatu. My presence creates peace.

This Postnatal class (for women 6 weeks postpartum and beyond) will focus on some of the key pain points for new moms – shoulders and upper back, and hips, with an emphasis on the main concern of a postnatal mama – the mummy tummy! Kristen’s precise cues will move you through a well-rounded class of Sun Salutations, standing poses and other poses that focus on safely regaining core strength with thoughtfulness to having recently given birth.

*Before beginning this practice, please watch this FREE short video in which I discuss how to check for diastasis recti, the separation of the abdominal muscles. This is an important check before moving forward with core strengthening.

*Although the exercises and engagements discussed in this class are safe for you, if you do have a separation of the rectus abdominis muscles (diastasis) that you are aware of, please use a scarf or a band wrapped around your waist to draw the sides of your waist in, to cinch the rectus abdominis together as you work. Also, consider dropping to your knees if you feel weak or shaky in plank pose, for example, and back out of the depth any posture when necessary. Postpartum recovery takes patience. You will feel stronger with safe, consistent work. Pay attention to cues to bring more awareness to your pelvic floor and core, and over time, you will feel the benefits.

One final note: our babies are not with us for the filming, but by all means, this practice can be done with your baby. Simply place a soft blanket above your mat with your baby on it. As we move through Sun Salutations and other flows, it is a great time to engage, smile, and play peek-a-boo with your baby. If your baby needs to be held, simply hold her close to your body so you can maintain balanced alignment. This is good practice for you everyday!

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