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Partner Yoga Restorative

Kristen Boyle

This Indieflow Partner Yoga Restorative class was originally created for expecting mothers and their partners to foster a deep sense of trust and connection before baby arrives. This class, however, is a beautiful practice for anyone wishing to create that deeper connection with their partner.

It is recommended that you watch this video in segments. See how to get into and out of one posture, listen to the instructions, then PAUSE the video to do the pose. Spend as long in each posture as you wish. Poses are intended for each partner to enjoy the more restorative part* so be sure to switch before moving on to the next posture!

* For a Prenatal practice, please note that the expecting mother is generally the one who enjoys the restorative aspect while her partner acts as the base.

** For a Postnatal practice, partners can switch, please be aware that a mother who has recently given birth is still working to regain core strength and stability.

Kristen loves to engage with yogis and to help you grow. As you practice this class, and any of the IndieFlow yoga classes on YogaDownload, if anything comes up for you, you are invited to leave a comment or question, in the reviews section and she will respond!

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