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$ 7.99
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Yoga for Small Spaces

Kristen Boyle

This is a perfect practice for a small apartment, dorm room, office, airport, or anywhere where you have limited space to move around. Even though you might feel restricted or confined with limited space to practice yoga in, Kristen invites you to find self-expression, movement, and freedom within those boundaries. Whether this is through the posture itself, or the breath within the posture, freedom is everywhere if we take a journey inside.

This full spectrum class will allow you to turn inward and open the tight spaces in your body through hip and chest openers, twists, core, and binds. The transitions between postures are creative, but accessible. No props necessary, but a block is recommended (if you have one) for Virasana (Hero's Pose).

Find the freedom to expand and begin your journey inward today! Leave a comment below and Kristen will respond!

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