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50 min class (51:43)
$ 7.99
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IndieFlow Prenatal Yoga

Kristen Boyle

"Trust is a state of least resistance. I trust the intelligence of my body. I allow my pregnancy and my birth to unfold as they are meant to."

Yoga improves pregnancy, and not only at the level of the physical body; yoga transcends all levels of our being. Practicing yoga during pregnancy allows the mother-to-be to find strength in trust and acceptance of the course of her pregnancy and her birth. In this class, Kristen skillfully guides you through a well-rounded active class with postures that are safe and modified for your body in all stages of pregnancy. We build strength while preparing the body for birth. Planks and "mini-chatturangas" add an element of upper body strength, and a good amount of squatting is woven throughout the class. With precise alignment cues, you will enjoy sun salutations coordinated with breath to pick up the pace, some strengthening standing postures, followed by hip opening to relieve tension around the hips and low back. After your practice, you will feel stronger, more energized, more open. Your body and your spirit will thank you.

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