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Dawnelle Arthur

"I am not teaching anything. I just help you to explore yourself. ~ Bruce Lee

When you go to a class with Dawnelle – whether it is cycle, power, asana – you can feel her passion. You can feel the love and overall joy she gets from teaching. And not just teaching, but showing you just how strong you are. Just how capable you can be. Taking inspiration from everything that happens in life, Dawnelle is able to create movement that motivates and encourages you to want more.

When Dawnelle opened up Denver’s first cycle yoga studio in 2006, it was clear that fusion based movement was something of the future. Dawnelle has always been a believer in fusion based movement. Agreeing with what legendary martial arts artist Bruce Lee said, “There are no limits, there are only plateaus, and you must go beyond them.” When you get stuck in a movement, any movement, there is no room for change or room to grow. You have to change it up. You have to try something new. You have to go beyond your limits, and your plateaus.

With that, Dawnelle started cycle yoga. From there she has taken fusion based movement to a whole new level. Combining dance with yoga, barre with kettle bells, cycle with asana, there is always a new idea popping up in her head. Dawnelle no longer claims the title “teacher”. She is a guide, a catalyst, someone who just wants to move and inspire others to do the same.

Dawnelle has never been one to say right or wrong, do or die, this way or that way. She has always been someone who bends, who considers another way, another option. Never getting stuck with rules, and structure, she creates movement based on what feels good, what is safe, and what can benefit her students the most. Taking her love of the human body and how it works, and molding it with her love of movement and activity, she created QiFlow. Another fusion based movement idea taking dance, martial arts, asana, capoiera, etc. creating a non-stop, constant movement experience. Focusing on alignment and building the movement from the ground up. Getting out of your head and into your body, Dawnelle leads you through a choreographed practice of sorts, moving your body in ways maybe you’ve never moved before. Always maintaining the alignment, and letting it follow you through the practice you are able to begin to express yourself through the movement. Dawnelle’s philosophy consists of the idea that yoga begins off the mat. That your real practice begins long after you’ve left your “yoga” class, and you are faced with real life. How does the practice follow you off the mat and into your world? The idea that being brave on the mat, and trying new things, allows you to be brave off the mat and say YES to your life. Say yes to things you never would have said yes to before. Taking your yoga practice, and rather than leaving it on the mat, applying it to every thing you do in your life.