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70 min class (1:12:32)
$ 7.99
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Body Movement

Dawnelle Arthur

Body movement is the motion of your full body, especially at the joints. Body movements include abduction, adduction, flexion, extension, rotation and circumduction. The FLOW of this class embodies full body movement…

This class uses a multi-approach movement technique to open the student for the next layer of their physical yoga practice. We begin warming the body through spinal movement and joint mobility exercises to prepare the student to access full body movement.

Expect joint mobility, core work and spinal movement as your warming period…followed by the choreography of Body Movement mixed with asana tricks and challenges to experience the possibility of Vashistasana in three unique ways and incorporate the pose into our FLOW.

Body Movement is for the student that is looking to explore a new movement approach to the yoga practice. This class is designed to bend you and challenge you by changing the way you look at the poses you do on an everyday basis. The movement of this class is difficult because it’s new.

Everything new in life, on and off the mat, is difficult until it’s not. This class takes practice and patience. Get out of your comfort zone and try it no matter what level of practice you label yourself. Put on a playlist, feel the music with your flow, and move to your own breath. Enjoy!

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