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Dawnelle Arthur  Flower

“I teach from a place of responsibility and possibility. I teach 'body' to my students and take responsibility for their progress. I wish to awaken possibility in others through my teaching, but I can't do it alone. The student has to be willing to learn, and willing to apply the five elements of the practice to experience progress. New movement, new results. Students that come to my classes should expect to be adjusted and corrected in their movement as a way to progress toward possibility." - Dawnelle Arthur

Dawnelle is the creator of the QiFlow® movement method. A movement method that incorporates techniques to increase mobility, strength, endurance and grace. A method designed to create beautiful movers who believe that all movement is possible through practice and perseverance.

QiFlow® is not yoga; it uses familiar movements of the yoga practice, but it is not yoga. Our method aims for beauty in motion through our philosophy of wu wei (effortless action) and the five elements of the our movement practice.

The Five Elements of the QiFlow® practice:

1. BodyKnowledge: Shape-Shifting and Spinal Movement
2. SportConditioning: Endurance and Strength
3. PerformanceTraining: Choreography and Rhythm
4. MobilityFlow®: Joint Mobility Drills and Full-Range Motion
5. BodyAbility: Practice What You Cannot Do

To understand each element in a class with Dawnelle, it is useful to understand where she comes from. Her story of movement is eclectic, with a sturdy foundation of body wisdom. Dawnelle initially struggled with school and finding her path in life. Movement is what sparked her hunger for knowledge. She graduated from Iowa State with a Bachelor's of Science in Exercise and Physiology.

Step aerobics was the first class that Dawnelle instructed. This harnessed her love of rhythm with movement, moving with the music. You can see this today in her cycle classes, as well as in the classes of over a hundred teachers she has trained in Denver and throughout the United States. Combined with an inspiration from dance, she developed a signature choreography style, “PerformanceTraining”, that is incorporated in her QiFlow classes today.

After running a corporate health program in Alaska, Dawnelle moved back south and immersed herself in yoga. Her hustle and entrepreneurship were cultivated here, when she'd work all night bartending and take yoga teacher training all day in San Diego.

She began teaching for Core Power in Denver shortly after. Combining her love for endurance and strength with her love for yoga, she developed the “Yoga Sculpt” program. Regularly teaching classes of 80-100 students, she took the opportunity to share her knowledge, leading teacher trainings for Core Power in Denver and Minnesota. This ignited her fire for program development, which can be seen in her many fusion classes, movement therapy programs and other innovative endeavors. The element of “SportConditioning” stems from this combination of endurance and strength that she brought to the yoga community.

Dawnelle first opened the doors of the studio that would come to be known as QiFlow in 2006. Arguably her greatest asset as an instructor and business owner comes from her ability to invoke of her students the will of practicing what you cannot do, or “BodyAbility”. In business and in movement, Dawnelle has never been one to stick to the script and do the same thing over and over again. She demands this from her students as well, which can be intense for students new to her teaching. Those who stick with it, however, always see results from their new movement. It isn't a rare occurrence to have a student in one of her classes cry out in excitement from accomplishing a movement that she/he would have never thought they could do only months before.

Through the years, Dawnelle has been influenced and inspired by many types of movement. From gymnastics to dance, parkour to crossfit, the blend of these components is similar to the blend of myriad musical genres displayed by Led Zeppelin. Each piece is unique from the next, yet they all fit together seamlessly to form something new. The element of “MobilityFlow”, which includes joint mobility drills and full-range body motion, is a great example of a constantly evolving mix of different methods and original ideas.

Throughout my nearly five years practicing with Dawnelle, there has been one constant idea of movement that has not changed: moving from the spine. I had the opportunity to apprentice during one of Dawnelle's yoga teacher trainings a few years ago, and what I learned most was how she looked at a body move. She sees it as a piece of art in motion, finding imbalances in the movement of the spine that cause problems in other areas: chronic pain in joints, tight backs, etc. Her ability to adjust and articulate this to a student is a special experience. Taking one of her QiFlow Clinics or a teacher training will illuminate this idea even more. This element of “BodyKnowledge” is a gift that Dawnelle is driven to share with the movement community.

-written by James Morse