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Dawnelle Arthur  Flower

Dawnelle Arthur is a certified Health Coach and former yoga teacher. She had to give up traditional yoga after a career-ending hip injury. Dawnelle was 42 years old when she found out she had a torn labrum, grade 3 arthritis, acetabular cyst, and avascular necrosis. She needed both hips replaced and the news was devastating for someone so active. Her doctor suggested a career change and suggested she take it easy for a few years to hold off hip replacement surgery for as long as possible. Her doctor said she was too young to have them replaced and should do all she could to wait for as long as she could before having surgery. It was hard to hear that she would have to give up teaching yoga after 14 years of dedicating her life to the practice, but she took his advice and stopped teaching yoga, but she did not stop teaching.

Dawnelle made a career-pivot and created AgeDEFY. The AgeDEFY program is a ‘Move Young Live Young’ movement therapy program for injured and aging movers like many of us. AgeDEFY has kept Dawnelle active, healthy and strong as an injured mover and now, that both her hips have been replaced, she’s better and stronger than she’s ever been in her life at the age of 46! Dawnelle didn’t take her doctor’s advice to take it easy, but she did change the way she moved her body and, by doing so, she changed her life. The AgeDEFY program is movement therapy for injured and aging movers and it is designed to make you feel good.