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Mobility Flow

Dawnelle Arthur

MobilityFlow® is a mobility based FLOW using a PVC pipe to increase mobility and body awareness through full-range body movement, body knowledge and rhythm. The difference between flexibility and mobility is important to understand…

mobility: how a joint moves
flexibility: length of a muscle.

As yogis, we actively practice to increase our flexibility, but without applying a joint-by-joint approach of mobility and stability, a yogi will continue to strive toward flexibility without result. Flexibility is impossible without mobility, and every-‘body' needs unique programing to experience results.

If you’ve been trying to touch your toes for years doing yoga then give the QiFlow® movement method a try. New movement, new results…there’s five elements to the QiFlow® method:

1. BodyKnowledge
2. SportConditioning
4. MobilityFlow®
5. BodyAbility.

This video focuses on Element 4: MobilityFlow®. Use this class to increase your range of motion and potential for flexibility - commit to the MobilityFlow® challenge and do this class for 14-21 consecutive days. Before the challenge, test your flexibility and/or strength…choose a challenge pose/shape that you’ve been working toward and take a before picture of you in the pose.

After the MobilityFlow® challenge, test your flexibility and strength. Do the same challenge pose to see if anything has changed. Take a picture to see for yourself. Share your story with us on the YDL Facebook page. This challenge is simple, but not easy. If you want it, get it. Start the QiFlow mobility challenge today.

You will need a PVC pipe or broomstick for this video. You can get a PVC pipe from your local Home Depot. The pipe size is 3/4 inch: grab one and ask the home depot staff to cut in half for you. The cost is less than $3 for two mobility sticks. Best $3 investment you can make on yourself. If you don’t have access to a mobility stick then use a broomstick or a yoga strap. I hope MobilityFlow® makes as big of an impact on you as it has on me. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

*one final suggestion: the movement in this class is for all-levels but if you're new to our QiFlow® movement method, or if it's your first time doing this class, start slow. Don't try to keep up with us. You will eventually be able to do everything in this class, and in all QiFlow® classes, if you take your time and keep the practice.

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