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Yoga for Cyclists

Dawnelle Arthur

This class is designed with the cyclist in mind, but is a great short flow for anyone to enjoy. If you are a cyclist, perform this class after your ride to stretch and lengthen all of the muscles you use during your ride. Whether your ride is indoors or out, long or short, this yoga class will help you prevent injury, and will allow you to create long lean muscle mass.

This class is Chaturanga-free, and is perfect for anyone who has just a little background in yoga. The class is slow to medium-paced, and focuses on stretching the hamstrings, calves and hips, as well as other muscles in the body.

The 10 minute class is the perfect way to get in some great stretching in a short period of time. Enjoy!

Note: Dawnelle's style of teaching has and continues to evolve since this class was recorded. Please also try her more recent style of yoga, Qi Yoga.

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