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Dawnelle Arthur  Flower

After 12 years of teaching cycle and yoga classes, Dawnelle was told she needed to have both of her hips replaced. At the time she was only 41, at the top of her yoga and fitness career, the owner of 4 cycle/yoga studios in Denver, and a mom to a young son.

She was told to hold off from surgery for a year or two and to manage her pain through physical therapy, prescription medication, steroid shots, and a career change. This is why she created AgeDEFY. She refused medication, skipped the steroid shots, and made a career pivot.

She started teaching and training students, clients, and injured movers like herself and she took the time to learn from her pain. By doing so, she was able to come up with an alternative to the traditional pain therapies available today.

After four years of learning from her pain and creating the AgeDEFY method, she had both of her hips replaced and now she’s going on the road to teach AgeDEFY to everyone! Her surgeries were successful and her recovery was quick. She was back to teaching classes and training clients 4 weeks after each surgery, and now, one year later her strength, flexibility, and energy levels have all returned to the levels she felt in her 20s! There is life after injury and there is life to be lived beyond pain!