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Hip Opening Flow 4

Dawnelle Arthur

Another addition to our popular Hip Opening Flow series, this one brought to you instructor Dawnelle. This class begins with the Dawnelles traditional integration series, followed by several Sun Salutation As to warm the body and prepare you for your practice. Next Dawnelle gracefully leads you through her signature creative Sun Salutation B series which includes Crescent Lunge, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Extended Side Angle and Reverse Triangle. Then it is time for Dawnelle to kick in her equally creative hip opening flow which includes Runners Lunge, Frog and Half Pigeon poses, to name a few. You will finally end with a balancing pose and a relaxing surrender series which includes Dead Bugs pose, spinal twits and of course, sweet Savasana.

This is a basic Power Vinyasa Flow class and is great for advanced beginners, intermediate students, and everyone else looking for a fun and relaxing yoga class. The class starts out with a fast pace to get your body warm, and then slows down so you can gain the full benefits of each hip opening posture. You will feel refreshed and renewed, and your hips and lower back will feel especially great!

Note: Dawnelle's style of teaching has and continues to evolve since this class was recorded. Please also try her more recent style of yoga, Qi Yoga.

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