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20 min class (20:00)
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30 min class (30:00)
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45 min class (45:00)
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60 min class (1:00:00)
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Hip Opening Flow 2

Lisa Richards

This class is designed to stretch and open your hips, and let go of the built up tightness and tension stored in this area. Begin with an integration series followed by several Sun Salutation A and B series to warm the muscles and prepare the body for your practice. Then move through a creative flow that incorporates many hip opening poses such as: Eagle Pose, Half Pigeon Pose, Runners Lunge, Double Pigeon Pose and more. Finally you will slow everything down with a surrender series followed by a relaxing Savasana so you can soak up the benefits of your class. The result is a more centered, more relaxed and more open you.

The 20 minute and 30 minute classes are more gentle and are perfect for the advanced beginner student.

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