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Caitlin Rose Kenney  Flower

Caitlin Rose Kenney is a Colorado, USA, based yoga teacher. Her teachings aim to explore and nourish the whole being through balanced and regenerative practices. She often speaks about physical practice as an access point for widespread change in mental patterns, emotional states, and reconnection to soul and spirit. Caitlin Rose is known for holding space with a calm confidence that allows practitioners to move safely, feel their experience, revitalize and heal. Her gentle demeanor and articulate instructions aid students at any level to advance their ability for precision and graceful embodiment.

Caitlin Rose has been teaching since 2011 and has studied a variety of yoga styles which make her offerings rich and unique. Whether she is teaching a regenerative flow or a restoring yin class, you can expect her sequencing to be both creative and grounded in smart anatomical progressions. Her most recent studies have focused on Yin Yoga and weaving wisdom from Chinese Meridian Theory into her classes. Her significant teachers and mentors include Sarah Powers, Gina Caputo, Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Rachel Hull, Anna Smallwood and Laura Allard.

Caitlin Rose is a folklore beekeeper and spends time with the honeybees as a way to apprentice herself to nature. From spending time with the honeybees, gardening and hiking, Caitlin Rose's teachings are infused with ecological conversations, the dance between yin and yang, and nature's seasonal wisdom.

Caitlin Rose is the founder of the Regenerative Yoga School and leads both virtual and in-person Yin Yoga Trainings. She is the creator of Yoga Sesh Podcast and honored to be a featured teacher on

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