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$ 28.00

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7-Class Yoga for Longevity Collection with Caitlin

There are many seasons in life and these classes will support a healthy lifestyle throughout all of them! Whether you are just getting into yoga or reframing your practice, this program will help you regenerate and adapt.

Longevity means you can live a long and vibrant life, feeling well in your body and also in your mind. Through sustainable practices that promote joint health, improve mobility and relieve stress, you can take these classes over and over again.

These gentle practices promote relaxation and are excellent for aging and keeping you moving with vitality for a long time. They are suitable yoga practices for injury prevention , athletic recovery, improving flexibility, managing pain, improving mindfulness, and self-care. Experience accessible yoga through both stillness and gentle movement to benefit your whole system.

All classes are taught by yoga teacher Caitlin Rose Kenney , who aims to explore and nourish the whole being through balanced and regenerative practices. Caitlin has studied a variety of yoga styles which make her offerings rich and unique. She often speaks about physical practice as an access point for widespread change in mental patterns, emotional states, and reconnection to soul and spirit. She allows you to move safely, feel your experience, revitalize, and heal, in this nourishing program.

  • Anyone seeking balance and support for a healthy lifestyle
  • Anyone who wants to diversify their range of movement in smart and safe practices
  • Accessible to anyone with some yoga experience

  • Classes of varying length from 15 to 65 minutes
  • Sustainable practices you can do throughout many stages of life
  • Different styles of yoga and meditation including, Yin, Breathwork, Gentle Flow, and Mindfulness practices


Full Program
7-Class Yoga for Longevity Collection with Caitlin
$ 28.00
$ 28.00
Program Items
Gentle Joint Release This practice is a great way to start your day and keep you mobile and pain free throughout the day whether you're going to work, hiking a mountain or doing more yoga.
Yin Yoga & Breathwork for Relaxation This Yin class will recharge you and encourage you to let go with your exhale so that you can feel lighter and start fresh.
Full Body Gentle Flow Whether you're waking-up, taking a break from work or ending your day you will feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body after this practice!
Fluid Body Open Mind The movements, poses and breath in this slow flow gently open the body and help you find a fluid quality in your body and an open mind.
Yin Yoga for Longevity This yin sequence that you can return to over and over again will keep your joints healthy, improve your mobility and build your resilience.
Tree Meditation This guided meditation helps you feel grounded and light at the same time - after this magical journey you will be centered, refreshed and inspired.
Nourishing Slow Flow This slow-paced flowing practice keeps you close to the earth and is designed to re-nourish your system.