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7 Easy Tips To Stay In Shape As You Age

7 Easy Tips To Stay In Shape As You Age

Do you get worried you might be getting out of shape as you move further into adulthood?

We sometimes take for granted the beauty of having massive loads of energy experienced during youth. It's not uncommon for people to feel like they've let themselves go as they move into middle age, or that their midsection is getting more robust. However, it's never too late to turn things around, and even simple lifestyle changes can help keep you healthy and feeling in top shape, even if you've been feeling like you've gotten out of shape

The very fact that you’re scanning the internet for fitness ideas is an indication that you are on the right track. Be kind to yourself wherever you are on your fitness journey right now, and implement some of these simple tips to stay or get into better shape in the coming year. 

1. Wake Up and Drink Warm Water

People are often surprised when fitness articles start with mundane instructions like drinking a glass of water in the morning – but it’s actually simple things like this that make digestion easier and enable your metabolism to burn extra fat. If the water is lukewarm then it won’t be too much of a shock to your system, and it will keep your fat-burning machine in high gear for the rest of the day.

2. Join a Training or Yoga Group or Find a Workout Partner

The benefits here are obvious. A workout partner is even more important if you are likely to lose morale halfway during a workout. A good indicator of this is when you try multiple fitness programs but keep dropping out for personal reasons or because you don’t see any progress. Having someone beside you can help keep your mind on track, and that will be very beneficial to you both. Accountability works!

3. Walk More

I never really appreciated how calming and refreshing a walk can be until I started to see the impact it had on my mental state. Not only does it help by exercising the joints and muscles, but walking also has a profound impact on your mental health as well; and as we all know, managing stress and being centered is as important as being physically fit. Walking will increase your awareness; and if you are close to nature, that’s even better.

4. Fuel Up for Better Fitness

Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables as these will keep both your brain and body active. Another important thing to have is a good protein source. Some options here are eggs, chicken, seafood, nuts, and beans. Speak to a nutritionist about a high-energy diet, and use this energy by staying active.

5. Stay Active Outside of the Gym or Yoga Mat

We mentioned walking earlier, and that is just one of the many activities that you can take up to stay healthy outside of the gym or yoga studio. Swimming is an excellent activity for the whole body; and if that’s not for you, the find some other activity that you enjoy, and spend more time per week doing it for added strength, and for the impact on mental and physical health.

6. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Cigarettes and alcohol are depressants and they have a destructive effect on human health if overdone. But course this doesn’t stop millions of people from indulging. Balance is the key here. If the health warnings don’t faze you, then think about the fact that you’re probably going to gain weight and have a very hard time losing it if you prioritize smoking and drinking more than fitness. In addition to getting larger, you won’t last as long in bed. Cigarettes will also age your teeth quicker. 

7. Get Enough Sleep to Rest and Recover

Sleep is always an integral part of our health, and this might actually be more important as we age, because the body needs more time to repair itself and metabolized food to generate energy. Failing to get enough sleep not only reduces your energy levels, but it sets off a series of damaging effects in your body. For instance, your immune system will start misfiring, and you can forget about hormonal balance– which is far worse if you drink or smoke a lot also. 

Cognitive function is severely impaired, and you’re likely to experience tremors all over from lack of sleep. To avoid all this, set a proper time for sleep, and keep a regular routine to allow alignment of your circadian rhythm.

Final tip

If you don’t already have a practice to help you detox from time to time, start adding something to your routine. Cabbage juice and lemon water are common methods; as is eating raw garlic cloves. But maybe you don’t need an extreme method, so just start with water, and then see how it goes. Eight glasses per day should be fine. Good luck!

By Kelsi Burley

Ready to get into shape now? Try either of these programs to get toned or start detoxing and making healthy lifestyle changes.

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