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7 Easy At Home Weight Loss Tips

7 Easy At Home Weight Loss Tips

A healthy body image and self-love are much more important than a number on a scale. While there is excess societal pressure to look a certain way, there are benefits to being a healthy weight. Being overweight can contribute to various other health problems. Fortunately, there are things you can do every day to both stay in shape, or get back into shape. While exercise and a healthy diet are essential, simple things you can do in your home life can support you too in your weight loss journey.

Here are 7 simple things you can do at home to help lose and keep off extra weight:

1. Eat Only to the Point of Need

It's common to never want to stop eating when we are eating with our favorite food. It feels good to eat excess scrumptious food in front of us until getting to point of being too full and regretting it later. Stay mindful of what your body is indicating and notice what the difference between need and satisfaction is. Eat just enough to kill your hunger and not to get full that you feel stuffed. Some say eating to about 80% of being full is a perfect balance.

2. Ditch Sugar and Sweets

This can be a tough one, but it can really help keep you at a healthy weight. While excess sugar can be delicious, it can really add weight to your body. It can also be hard to quit or reduce eating sugar if you consume it regularly (which is most people), so do your best. For some, giving up refined sugar altogether is easier than trying to find moderation, and for some, simply being mindful and having less of it can make a big difference. If you're trying to lose weight, definitely quit drinking all forms of soda. 

3. Do Physical Housework

Depending on what the activity is, this tip has the added benefit of not only helping you stay in shape but also getting things done around your home! It's easy to pay too much attention to gyms as the only place to get fitter. You have fitness opportunities at home too. Simple tasks like washing clothes, sweeping your floors, gardening, and cleaning your carpets, all can increase your heartbeat and help you burn calories. While it is not as effective as a yoga class or a gym session, don't shy away from housework, especially if you usually avoid it or someone else in your home does the majority of it.

4. Take a Walk

Walking helps with many things, not just losing weight. It can boost your mood, and help your health in a variety of ways, in addition to maintaining a healthy weight. This means, don’t use a vehicle to go short distances and take a walk instead to feel better both physically and mentally.

5. Use Stairs

If you have stairs at home, going up and down them multiple times per day can help you. The benefits of performing this physical activity frequently are twofold. First, it helps you lose weight, and secondly, it sculpts and strengthens your legs and glutes. This can be a cardio workout if you do enough rounds up and down, which also benefits the brain and joint health.

6. Drink Plenty of Water

Make a habit of drinking a lot of water during the day as it helps in eradicating toxins from the cells in addition to a plethora of other health benefits. Your body is designed to store water and when you drink to the point of need, the cells store it all. But, when you drink more than what’s needed, the cells are left with no option but to release the excess which takes toxins from the body along. Therefore, drink plenty of water during the day if you want to get rid of the body fats more quickly.

7. Do Yoga at Home

This is something you don't have to leave the house, or need much equipment for, and it can help keep you healthy both physically and mentally. Now, it's easier than ever to practice yoga online. Add even a few sessions per week into your routine and you'll begin to notice benefits soon!

Losing weight is not impossible, although it can feel challenging. Remember it's not about perfection and the more kind and accepting you are to yourself, the easier it is going to be to have the body you desire. It's not just about exercise and diet (although they are crucial), but lifestyle choices and little things you do at home every day like the ones above. 

By Sophie John

Sophie is a fitness enthusiast who writes about health, fitness, weightlifting, and more.

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