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9 Ways to Increase Your Confidence During Your Weight Loss Journey

9 Ways to Increase Your Confidence During Your Weight Loss Journey

If you’re trying to get healthier and improve your body image by losing weight, you might know that the struggle of weight loss needs you to stay motivated and confident across a long period of time. But if you’re trying to lose weight, it can be hard to keep confident and feel happy about yourself if you’re not happy with your body image.

It’s really important to give yourself confidence boosts along the way of your weight loss journey. We all know that you’ll feel better about yourself when you meet your weight goals, but if you feel more confident while you’re losing weight, you might find yourself more motivated to stick to it, and finally reach those goals. Here’s some ways to boost your self confidence when you’re losing weight.

Be Kind

The world can be an inherently negative place when we look out for it, so there’s no point in being negative towards yourself too. Be kind to yourself, and give yourself a lot of self-love to get yourself in a positive mindset, which can do wonders for your confidence. Things like positive affirmations in the mirror, reading body positive articles, surrounding yourself with positive people can all be good starting points to get your mindset positive. Remember that it’s not a negative thing to be losing weight, and there’s nothing wrong with you for it! 

Being positive and kind to yourself can help you to stay motivated. If you believe in yourself, you’re more likely to reach your goals, and if you think you’re going to fail you’re more likely to quit. 

Set Realistic Goals

There’s nothing worse than setting yourself up for failure. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re losing weight, by either not setting goals, or setting unrealistic goals. Goals are the roadmap to any journey, including weight loss. The goals you set can influence your entire journey, so it’s important to make sure they’re smart - that’s Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound.

While you’re at it, don’t restrict yourself too much when it comes to diet. This can make you feel even more hungry and likely to break your rules. Making smaller, healthier recipe choices to start, and adding more in is an easier way to lose weight rather than strict diet choices.

Ignore the Scale

Weighing yourself can be a good way to track your smart goals - but remember that these numbers can be influenced by time of day, clothes you’re wearing, muscle gain - even if you need the bathroom! Obsessively checking the scale is a sure fire way to kill confidence, instead, focus on how your feeling, if your clothes fit, and the changes you can see in the mirror.

Limit Social Media 

It’s easy to get drawn in by social media, especially other weight loss accounts. While it can be great to post your progress and have people cheer you on, social media can also affect your confidence by making you compare yourself to other people. Remembering that everyone’s journey is different, and limiting the time you spend scrolling through social media will help you to keep your confidence up.

Find the Right Exercise

If you don’t like dragging yourslf to the gym everyday, there’s an easy solution - don’t! Going to the gym or certain types of exercise arent the only way you can lose weight. There’s so many different ways to work out, and many of them are actually fun! Swimming, hiking, yoga, or dancing are just some alternatives to hitting the gym.

When you get started working out, give yourself a boost of confidence by treating yourself to some new workout clothes, or doing a fun class with friends. You could even get a personal trainer to help you with your techniques before you try it solo.

Accept Yourself

While losing weight can improve your body confidence and health, you won’t magically become happier when you lose weight. Start by accepting yourself for who you are, and your weight lose journey will start from a place of acceptance rather than negativity. Remind yourself that there’s nothing wrong with your body as it is now, and also remind yourself of all your positive traits that don’t have anything to do with looks!

Remember to Focus on Other Things

Centering your life around weight loss, food, and dieting can be unhealthy and damaging to your mental health and confidence. While you are on your weight loss journey, it’s important to make healthy choices while also focusing on other areas of your life. If you put too much pressure on weight loss, and only focus onthat, you will be more likely to to fail, which can affect your confidence.

Stay Energized

If your energy is low, you’re unlikely to feel confident about your weight loss. Eating less and working out more can initially make you feel tired and unenergized, but trying to keep yourself upbeat and motivated will help to boost your confidence and your energy! Positivity can have a great impact on your energy levels, as well as surrounding yourself with positive, energetic people. Staying tired and low energy can also mean that you’re less likely to stick to your fitness and diet plans. 

Fake It 'Til You Make It

The easiest way to get confidence fast? Fake it! Act as if you have already met your goals and are your target weight, and make yourself look fabulous starting today. This will massively boost your confidence, and help you to boost your weight loss progress in the process. Don’t dress in baggy oversized clothes, wear clothes that you feel sexy and confident in, which will make a big difference in your self confidence.

By Amy Cavill

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