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12 Tips for an Instant Confidence Boost

12 Tips for an Instant Confidence Boost

Feeling low in confidence is a feeling many of us have experienced before. During work, amongst peers, maybe even with a loved one - there are many situations that can challenge our confidence and leave us feeling doubtful.

But no one is naturally self-confident.

Self confidence is a skill that builds up over time, and is something that you can use against the daily grind. To get you started in building up your self confidence, here’s our top quick tips for an instant boost of confidence - perfect for that next big presentation at work, mustering up the courage to ask your crush out, or just to feel more powerful in your day to day life.

1. Prune yourself

If you look your best, you’re likely to feel your best too. It’s incredible how a shower, a haircut or a shave can make you feel absolutely amazing, and do wonders for your self-image. This will boost your self confidence by miles, and can be achieved by just waking up a little earlier to give your image a little more TLC than usual.

2. Dress well

Self image also includes your outfits, and wearing something you feel comfortable and good in can make your self confidence soar. When you feel presentable, you’ll feel successful and like you’re able to take on anything. Make sure your clothes are well looked after, cleaned and ironed can make a huge difference. Wear only clothes that you feel amazing in and love, as it makes a big difference in your confidence. 

3. Look on the positive side

Positive thinking can do wonders for your self esteem. By changing your thoughts into happy ones, you’re slowly changing your outlook on life and killing those self-doubting vibes. Over time, this process of looking on the bright side will make you feel happier, more content with life, and more confident.

4. Be kind to others

A great way to improve your self-image is to be kind, generous and helpful to other people. Doing something nice for someone else leaves you with a great feeling of achievement and makes you feel good about yourself, boosting your self confidence. Great for days when you’re thinking bad thoughts about yourself, by doing something kind for someone else, you’re also squashing that self-doubt and remind yourself you’re a good person! This will make you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence.

5. Be Prepared

If you’re feeling low in confidence before a big presentation, meeting or event, getting yourself prepared is a great way to counteract this. By preparing yourself as much as possible, you’re sorted for any eventuality, which will stop those feelings of self doubt and anxiety. IF you have a presentation, practice practice practice! If you’re heading to a job interview, do a mock interview with a friend or family member. Prepare yourself for whatever you are nervous about, and you’ll feel more confident about it.

6. Stop Slouching

Standing upright, tall and straight can be a great instant confidence boost. When you stand tall, you feel better about yourself, look assertive, and feel confident. If you’re having a bad day, simply adjusting your posture can be all it takes to change your outlook.

7. Meet small goals

A hectic to-do list full of large impossible tasks can get anyone down and feeling unproductive, and un-confident in their abilities to get things done. Give yourself a quick boost by giving yourself a small, achievable goal - and then doing it. Simply crossing off something you needed to do today can make you feel better, more productive, and more confident in yourself.

8. Practice feeling grateful

If you’re feeling down and comparing yourself to others, it can easily affect your confidence. Spend a few minutes feeling grateful for what you do have in life, and for the people in your life you love, and for yourself! Practicing gratefulness can make you feel positive about the good things in your life, and will help to improve your self-image.

9. Work out

Exercise endorphins are real, and getting in some active movement can help you feel happy, positive and more confident. You’ll feel great that you’ve done something active, and also positive about your body and what it can do. Why not try this week’s yoga classes? This week we have a focus on your power center, which is the seat of your confidence, and holds the power to manifest your desires. This week’s four classes are designed to give your power center a boost, and gives your confidence and power a boost in the process.

10. Surround yourself with confident people

One of the ways to feel confident is to surround yourself with confident people. When we are close to confident people, we start to copy the same mindset that got them there in the first place, and you might also pick up a few skills and activities that helped them become a more confident person too.

11. Smile

If there’s one, simple and easy instant way to boost your confidence it's this. Smile. Flashing a smile will make you appear confident and composed. As well as this, smiling can also kill stressful feelings, making you feel more relaxed and happy.

12. Address your failures

The only way you’ll succeed is by learning from your mistakes. Failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing, or an instant confidence dip. By assessing your mistakes and figuring out what went wrong, you’re able to learn from failure and use it in your next attempts. This behaviour builds your self confidence over time, as it allows you to be able to be ok with getting things wrong, or failing.

By Amy Cavill

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