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7 Ways to Turn a Bad Mood into a Good Mood

7 Ways to Turn a Bad Mood into a Good Mood

Some days life feels undeniably easier than other days. It’s part of being human. Ever wake up on the “wrong side of the bed”, where one thing after another seems to keep going wrong and your mood is bad and everyone is bothering you? Life can feel like a struggle on these days, instead of something we’re meant to enjoy and savor.

Do you appreciate the opposite days? The days where you are in the flow and one amazing thing after another unfolds and you’re in a good mood, are happy, content, and enjoying life. These are the days we live for. Luckily, we have the power to put ourselves into a good mood and create more of these days, even on those days when we wake up in a bad mood.

It’s not always by chance whether we're in a good mood or a bad mood. We have the power to create the days and moods we want. While some days feel more challenging than others, we have the power to turn any day around. It’s not always easy, but there are techniques, tricks, and things we can do, to go from feeling down and in a bad mood, to resetting and feeling in a good mood.

Here are 7 ways to hit the reset button on your day, and help you go from a bad mood to a good mood.

1. Do an inversion. Inversions in yoga give a shift in perspective. Sometimes we need to put our bodies upside down, to create a shift and a reset in our minds and mood. Inversions are also excellent mood boosters and help alleviate things like anxiety and depression.

2. Meditate. It can be more challenging to meditate if you’re not in your best spirits, but this is often when we need it most! It never fails to amaze me, how even 5 minutes of stillness, breath, and inner focus, can drastically improve my thoughts and mood. You literally have the power through meditation to change your mindset, your mood, and your day.

3. Go see someone you love. Go spend time with the people who lift you up. Your friends or family who know and love you whether you’re at your best or your worst. Without dumping too much negativity on them, sometimes just having someone willing to listen and give advice, is all we need to reassure us that we’re doing amazing and whatever we’re dealing with will pass. If you can’t see one of these people in your life today because of your schedule, try calling them instead.

4. Eat Food that makes you happy. Sometimes, a good meal is all you need to remember the things that give you joy in life. While emotional eating can be detrimental over time, treating yourself to delicious food, guilt-free, even if it’s expensive or indulgent, can turn things around.

5. Go for a walk. Walk it off! Don’t underestimate the power of simply going for a stroll to clear your head, change your perspective, and reset your day. It doesn’t have to be to a destination or with an objective. Simply walk. Sometimes it’s the most effective thing to get yourself out of your head.

6. Music. Music is medicine. Put on music that makes you feel. This will help get you out of your head and can lift your spirits. Whether it’s something uplifting and fun to dance around to in your house, or something melancholy and deep, to move through your emotions, give yourself some solace with music next time you feel down.

7. Journal. My struggles seem less daunting when I write them out. Sometimes when we’re in the midst of a bad day, we’re merely stuck in a negative thought pattern. Writing about whatever it is that has us feeling bad, can help it move through us, so there is new space for good thoughts and feelings to come.

Practice one or several of these seven things next time you’re not having the best day. Don’t feel like a victim to your mood. Instead, be proactive and empowered in turning it around, and create a good mood when you need to. It’s not always easy, but it’s possible and very worth it, so you can enjoy as many days of your life as possible.

By Keith Allen

Keith Allen is a teacher on and as well as Yoga Download's Content Director. His classes balance a meditative focus with safe alignment. He has studied extensively from different teachers, lineages, and styles around the world, and remains a passionate and dedicated student of yoga and meditation. He regularly leads workshops and teacher trainings internationally and is a co-author of The Yoga Fix book, which is a resource of healthy movement patterns and safe applicable yoga alignment. In addition to yoga, Keith is a media producer and helps bring high-quality content to life with Aside from professional endeavors, he is passionate about traveling, producing videos, skiing, making art, and enjoying music. Enjoy his classes on, connect with him on at, or follow him on Instagram.

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