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Surround Yourself with People Who Fill You Up with Happiness

Surround Yourself with People Who Fill You Up with Happiness

Surround yourself you people who top you up with joy instead of depleting you in any way. Fill your friendship bag with the people who are there in an instant when you need them. The people who you laugh the loudest with and those that you laugh along with even when they are laughing at you! These are the friends who make you realize and feel just how special you are.

And then simply cut ties with the ones who don’t. Erase the “drainers” from your life. 

After an encounter or conversation with someone, simply ask yourself do I feel “topped up” or do I feel “drained” and there is your answer. Scoop them up with two hands if they are a topper upper. Vere off, if they are a “drainer”.  

The ones you want, are the ones who lift you up and leave you with a sense of lightness

Effortlessly they put a bounce back in your stride, easing the things that weigh you down. 

You feel like doing cartwheels around them, completely comfortable to get your silly on; not afraid of judgment or ridicule. 

It can feel like you can switch your brain off and connect on a deeper level. The ones who you feel like you have known much longer than you have been alive.

If you feel conflicted, burdened, raw, sharp, insecure, scared, or exhausted from an encounter with someone, clear this space and energy from your life. You don't owe anything to anyone. You never know what might appear in its place.

The hardest ones to make a call on are those that make you feel nothing, neither topped up or drained. Flat, bland, bored. You are worthy of so much more.

Is bland and bored all that you are after in life? Is that as high as you want to reach? So respect yourself and them and part ways. 

Life was not gifted to us to merely exist. It is to be enjoyed and savored and for your senses to be stimulated. Surround yourself with those that top you up and bring you real joy and it’s like having your own personal cheerleading squad walking every step of life with you.

Life will blossom. Enjoy the bliss.

By Amy Booth


Amy is a yoga and pilates teacher and personal trainer in Brisbane, Australia, where she runs a cute riverside studio and a personal training business. In addition each year she runs yoga and hiking retreats.

To find out more:
Instagram: @ambertreeyogaandretreats
Facebook: Amber Tree Yoga and Retreats


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