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3-Class Yin Yoga 101 with Caitlin Rose Kenney

Learn the foundations and benefits of Yin Yoga in this 3-class program with Caitlin Rose Kenney. Yin Yoga is a restoring practice where you hold passive postures, usually for 1-5 minutes. Each pose is like a mini-meditation and has significant benefits for your body, mind and energy.

Yin Yoga is a rich practice that provides balance to your active life — it improves physical resilience, mental fortitude and replenishes your energy stores. It is a great way to begin or deepen your journey with Yin Yoga and build knowledge about how and why the practice works.

Each class has a different theme that you will learn about while steeping in Yin Yoga poses.

Yin Yoga 101: Practice — focuses on the physical method and benefits
Yin Yoga 101: Mindfulness — develops awareness and compassion
Yin Yoga 101: Energetics — an introduction to chi and meridian lines

Taking these classes will give you insight into why Yin Yoga is valuable to your wellbeing and the wide array of benefits that accumulate over time.

This series is guided by Caitlin Rose Kenney. She is a Colorado-based yoga teacher whose teachings aim to explore and nourish the whole being through balanced and regenerative practices. She often speaks about physical practice as an access point for widespread change in mental patterns, emotional states, and reconnection to soul and spirit.

  • All levels of yoga experience
  • Those who want a foundation of Yin yoga
  • Anyone who wants to relax their mind and heal their body

  • Three hour-long Yin yoga classes
  • Classes that are physically and mentally nourishing
  • An in-depth and well-rounded immersion into Yin yoga


Full Program
3-class Yin Yoga 101 with Caitlin Rose Kenney
$ 15.00
$ 15.00
Program Items
Yin Yoga 101: Mindfulness This class helps you develop a quiet strength in your body and gentle endurance in your mind.
Yin Yoga 101: Practice This rich class focuses on the physical benefits of Yin Yoga - grab a couple of pillows and blankets from your bed or couch and explore the benefits!
Yin Yoga 101: Energetics This full body practice teaches you to track your sensations and use visualization to connect with your energetic highways (meridians).