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3 Yoga Tips for New Moms

3 Yoga Tips for New Moms

You just had a baby - congratulations! But now...does your body feel like a total stranger? Your amazing body spent nine months growing a new human, and will spend even longer nourishing and nurturing this new life. For some new moms, sometimes your body doesn’t feel like yours anymore. We're here to help! 

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your sense of self, rebuild your core or just start moving and toning your muscles again (with your doctor’s blessing of course), we put together a special 10-class Yoga For New Moms package with precisely YOU in mind.

We also have 3 key tips to practice any time:

Be Kind to Yourself:

Who needs your love as much as your baby? You do. While you are learning to care for the new arrival, you also need to recognize your vulnerable self. As you take your first steps towards the mat, promise to be kind to yourself. Do not set unrealistic expectations for your practice. In the beginning, a half-hour or even 15 minutes of Yoga is beneficial to get rid of the aches and pains associated with childbirth and caregiving. Try out our instructor Liza Janda’s 30-minute Postnatal Recharge class; the perfect remedy for new moms.

Heal Inside Out:

Your bundle of joy has transformed your life in more ways than you expected. You will soon realize what you want to do is not always what you end up doing. Hence it is important to take stock of the moment. Maybe your first concern is to get your body back in shape. But let’s get your head and heart to process the change and then progress with your body. Yoga can help you get the desired results but it happens over time. In the initial few months, it’s best to start slow and concentrate on a restorative practice that allows you to journey inside while working on the outside. Understand the needs of a new mom. Trust your Yoga practice to move you into stillness and calm the sleep deprived mind. Liza Janda’s Time Out for New Moms class focuses on just that and heats you up and tones you without wearing you out.

Remind Yourself it’s Yoga O’Clock:

Carving out time for Yoga could be challenging when faced with the joys and pressures of motherhood. We understand how tough it could be to bring yourself to look beyond your new role as a mother. But we encourage you to do so and do so without guilt. In the larger scheme of things you will be better at caring for your child if you care for yourself first.

Want to take it further? In addition to the two above, our Yoga for New Moms package offers eight additional classes, which will help you breathe, stretch deeper, find your core and find your balance.

Liza Janda’s Postnatal Flow
Kristen Boyle’s  IndieFlow Postnatal Yoga
Kristen Boyle’s IndieFlow Talk: Restoring your Core After Baby
Casey Feicht’s Yoga for New Moms
Elise Fabricant’s Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep (AUDIO class)
Elise Fabricant’s Quick and Easy Yoga for a Busy You
Maria Garre’s Pranayama for Better Sleep
Dave Farmar’s Baptiste Power Yoga After Pregnancy

Look at Yoga as a quick retreat, where you can drop everything else and concentrate on the present moment. Follow your practice and get a boost of energy that will last you days and weeks to come. Answer the call of the mat, set an intention, listen to your body and practice the asanas to give your mind and body the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate.

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