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Yoga for New Moms

You just went through the life-changing journey of pregnancy and having a baby - congratulations! Does your body feel like a total stranger? Your amazing body spent 9 months growing a new human, and nourishing and nurturing this new life. For new moms, sometimes your body doesn’t feel like yours anymore. We're here to help! Whether you’re looking to reconnect with your sense of self, rebuild your core or just start moving and toning your muscles again (with your doctor’s blessing), we put together a special 10-class Yoga For New Moms package with precisely you in mind.

This package is designed for new moms to dive back into the physical benefits of the practice, with specific attention to the places of your body that have changed such as your core, pelvis, and low back. There is also a strong focus on self-care, with classes to help you sleep better, and attention to easing anxiety as you move into this exciting next chapter of your life. This thorough 10-class journey is a reset for your body, mind, and spirit in the transition from pregnancy to parenthood, whether for your first time, or having been through the journey before.

ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST! Depending on whether you had a natural birth or cesarean, your doctor may recommend six weeks or more of recovery before resuming normal physical activities such as fast-paced yoga or other intense forms of exercise. In any event, it is recommended that you receive permission from your doctor before resuming yoga to avoid any discomfort or injuries. The body you're practicing with now, will most likely be different than the one present before the pregnancy. It's important not to get too caught up in comparing yourself to what worked before pregnancy. Be gentle with yourself! At the same time, getting back into a routine can greatly help to reduce stress and raise self esteem.
Enjoy these 10 practices to have you feeling like a vibrant new mother in no time!

  • Adv. beginner through advanced students
  • New moms who want to start practicing yoga, whether for the first time, or again since giving birth

  • Yoga classes specially designed for new mothers
  • Classes to get your body back into shape
  • Practices to help improve your sleep
  • Classes focused on supporting new mothers in a transition into an exciting new chapter