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Posted on 2/3/2020 by Yoga Download

Dear students, After a significant loss, namely the death of my mother, I decided to teach yoga in a revolutionary and meaningful way, in her honor. So, I developed a pioneering bilingual class format to serve my local community as a cultural bridge, a sample of which you can enjoy here at YDL. The main reason I believe in the power of this bilingual yoga class format is due to one of my favorite quotes of all times from Albert Einstein, which says that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” By bringing diversity and inclusivity to yoga rooms all over the world with these bilingual classes at YDL, together we make Yoga accessible to all, we foster understanding and tolerance - a most urgent need indeed in today’s society.

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Posted on 12/23/2019 by Yoga Download

Hello my dear students! I am honored to be one of your online yoga teachers and to be able to share my love for yoga with you. Even though we may have never met in person, I want you to know that I am rooting for you, your rise, and your growth. When you practice my classes know that I am right here with you in spirit, cheering you on from afar. I truly believe that yoga is a powerful practice that helps us feel and be our very best, and I am beyond grateful to be on this journey with you. Namaste.

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Posted on 12/2/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, As 2019 comes to a close I’ve been reflecting on my yoga practice over the past 11 months. It has begun to shift more and more away from focusing on physical flexibility and strength (and making shapes) to focusing on yoga of the mind and how the practice affects me internally. It’s been a really beautiful experiment. I ask you, if you’d like, to look back on your practice over the past year and notice and appreciate all that it has brought into your life - from strength to concentration to serenity.

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Posted on 10/31/2019 by Yoga Download

I am delighted to be involved with YogaDownload! I enjoy designing classes that can encourage and facilitate your home practice. And I love when you let me know what your experience with the class was in the comments section! It helps me to refine my teaching and ensure you can get the most of out the classes I offer through YogaDownload.

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Posted on 9/30/2019 by Yoga Download

Hello Fearless Warriors! I am so pleased to be featured by YogaDownload. I am an alignment-oriented teacher and a recovering flow-junkie. I try to blend a mix of alignment cues and movement in each video, but for some, I talk too much, and for others, I move too fast. What can you do? I am also the model for the Fearless After Fifty series, where Desiree Rumbaugh explains how to sustain a life-long practice. This is based on the book we wrote together about aging with yoga. Lastly, thank you for your kindness in understanding that in some of my videos I was suffering from a medical condition that affected my voice. When I make new videos, I promise I sound like my usual self these days. See you on the mat. Stay fearless. Stay strong. Stay motivated.

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Posted on 8/27/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, I am truly honored to be able to share my love for yoga, mindfulness and meditation. It is in the power of the pause that I feel we each find our way and it is the gift of yoga to teach us to 'never underestimate the power of a pause.' I hope you enjoy my classes and that they give you a few more tools in your tool box to find strength, grace, ease and resilience in the everyday and in every way.

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Posted on 7/29/2019 by Keith Allen

To my amazing and strong YogaDownload friends: Thank you your incredible support over the past several years! Please know that my classes are designed to be challenging for a reason. My hope is that every time you conquer one of my classes, you leave feeling stronger physically and mentally. I have found that intensely physical workouts are even more effective when combined with the mindfulness created through yoga. My goal is for you to be your strongest and most bad ass version of yourself every time you workout with me. I am so grateful for this community and am excited to continue our journey together!

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Posted on 6/27/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload Students, Thank you for your support! I encourage you to check out all the different classes that I have to offer. My background is diverse and I have a variety of both fitness and yoga oriented classes on YogaDownload. One of my favorite classes that was recently released is called Foam Roll + Static Stretch. This class is great for students with an active lifestyle as well as students that might be recovering from an injury and laid up. Variety is the best way to deepen your practice, so I also want to encourage you to check out as many teachers as you can on YogaDownload. Namaste!

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Posted on 6/4/2019 by Yoga Download

I want to send a warm welcome to each and all who try my videos. Whether you are new to yoga or a long time practitioner, remember that yoga will meet you wherever you are at with your body and in your life. Remember that yoga comes to us from a long history and each pose, each practice, can have many layers: for some it will be about fitness, for others it will be about a better relationship with your body, it can be about inner peace, and it can be about mastering your awareness of the present. Yoga evolves with us. We evolve through yoga. It’s simple and complex. Best of all, there is nothing to fear. So, take a nice deep breath, let it out fully and slowly, and let’s begin! ESP: Quiero enviar una cálida bienvenida a todos y cada uno que han probado mis clases en YogaDownload. Tanto si eres nuevo en el yoga, o practicas desde hace mucho tiempo, recuerda que Yoga te encontrará dondequiera que estés con tu cuerpo y y con tu vida. Recuerda que el yoga nos llega desde una tradición e historia muy antigua, y que cada asana, cada práctica, puede tener muchas capas: para algunos, será solo la parte física, para otros será sobre una mejor relación con sus cuerpos, puede ser sobre paz interior, o sobre dominar mantener tu conciencia en el momento presente. El Yoga evoluciona con nosotros. Nosotros evolucionamos a través del Yoga. Es muy simple, y a la vez complejo. Lo mejor de todo, es que no hay nada que tener. Así que, toma una bonita y profunda inhalación, exhala despacio y completamente, y vamos a empezar!.

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Featured Teacher - Dana Smith

Posted on 4/30/2019 by Yoga Download

Dearest YogaDownload Students: It is both an honor and pleasure to share this art of yoga with you. This practice has positively transformed my life and it is a joy to share what I have learned over the past two decades with you. My students have always been my greatest teachers and I receive all of the loving feedback – appreciations and learning points – with a wide-open heart. My offering to you mirrors my healing work. I encourage you to approach your practice with the mind of a beginner. Be willing to be uncomfortable, be open to exploring your edge and embrace that each and every day offers something new and wonderful to explore.

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