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Featured Teacher: Eric Paskel

Posted on 1/24/2017 by Yoga Download in Eric Paskel Yoga Rocks Bootcamp

Hi Everybody, I honestly can't believe I'm writing to amazing people like you. Not only is it a gift, but it's a privilege. Your support I will continue to hold in the highest regard. I can only hope that through these videos you find a smile, a laugh, some sweat and ultimately are left with feeling a little more comfortable in your own skin. I know you "get it" or otherwise you would get me. Let's continue to connect and be grateful that Yoga Download has creating an amazing platform for us to find one another. Be well, if you are not, let me help you get well and let us all stay well. Well.. that's it! Thanks again for allowing me into your homes, taking me with you on the road and being in your life. Much Love - Eric Paskel

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Featured Teacher: Celest Pereira

Posted on 12/31/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Celest Pereira Yoga Inspiration Featured Teacher

A message to your YogaDownload students: Hey my loves, I don't even know how i got so lucky? To have all of you watching and practicing with me is a dream. I can't thank you enough and I want to send you all huge hugs and so much love xx

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Featured Teacher: Kristen Boyle

Posted on 12/1/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Kristen Boyle Featured Teacher Personal Growth Yoga Practice

A message to your YogaDownload students: To everyone who has practiced with me, wherever you are and whenever you are, I am grateful. YogaDownload has given me the opportunity to reach an audience well beyond the local studios of Denver, Colorado, and my hope is that I, and all the teachers you find here, have brought a positive light to your day and your life. I wish I could hug you all!

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Featured Teacher: Blair Bradley

Posted on 10/28/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Featured Teacher Blair Bradley

Dear YogaDownload Students: I’m honored to be teacher of the month and so grateful to be a part of the YogaDownload community. Thank you for taking my classes and sharing your thoughts. I’m always open to feedback and I love to find more opportunities for growth. I strongly believe that yoga should be accessible for everyone. If you can practice yoga in your home, on vacation, or at work, then makes it easier to incorporate yoga into your everyday life. There are so many talented teachers on I encourage you to try all styles of yoga and find the ones that speak to you so that your commitment to yoga lasts. It’s a beautiful journey, and each day your body will need something a little different.

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Featured Teacher: Kristin Gibowicz

Posted on 10/6/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Kristin Gibowicz Featured Teacher

A message to your YogaDownload students: Thank you to all the YogaDownload students for your positive AND constructive feedback. It is my joy to inspire you and theme on subjects that make you process and go a little deeper within. And when you offer suggestions for improvement, I receive them as I'm always looking to grow as a yoga teacher. I love YDL because of the diversity of teachers on the site. Not everyone will identify with my style of vinyasa yoga or with my combination yoga and sculpting classes, but there will be another great teacher on the site that speaks to them! I encourage you to try styles that may be new to you as they could speak to you in different seasons of life.

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Featured Teacher: Mark Morford

Posted on 9/1/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Featured Teacher Mark Mordford

How does yoga make you a better person?: One of the biggest misconceptions on the spiritual path is that yoga is going to somehow going to improve you or make you a happier person. The problem with this equation is that we come to yoga with something we want to improve ourselves with. If we come to it from a place of feeling broken or i’m not already a good person. I’m lacking something. I’m screwed up somehow and I need the external thing to make me complete. This mode, this way of operation is doomed to fail, right. If you come to yoga or any spiritual practice from a place of deeply aligned, plugged in, wholeness, fullness and then yoga seems to call you to as a practice to enrich or enliven or illuminate that practice or that deep connection, that seems sustainable. You don’t become a better person. You become a more aligned, connected, authentic person, perhaps, through practice. That’s all it is.

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Featured Teacher: Claire Petretti Marti

Posted on 7/30/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Claire Petretti-Marti Yoga Inspiration Featured Teacher Yoga Sutras Rod Stryker YogaDownload Teacher

A message to my YogaDownload students: It is a thrill and an honor to teach for YDL. I love creating classes for you to practice at home or on the road--when and where it works for you. I am grateful to be part of a community that fosters accessibility, discipline and a rich and varied practice. Consistency is key--even a few minutes of day will keep you on your yogic path.

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Posted on 7/8/2016 by Yoga Download in Kylie Larson YDL Teacher of the Month Yoga Inspiration Yoga Lifestyle

A message to my YogaDownload students: I am so grateful for all of my YogaDownload students. Thank you to everyone who has ever done yoga with me in their living room, basement or on vacation. I am so fortunate to be able to do what I do as a career and a large part of that is due to your support.

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June Teacher of the Month - Jackie Casal Mahrou

Posted on 5/31/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Jackie Casal Mahrou YogaDoesIt Yoga Inspiration What is Yoga

A message to my YogaDownload students: Thank you for coming to your mat day after day and practicing yoga with me. When I teach these online classes I picture you in your living room, bedroom, or home, and do my best to connect with you even though we are not in the same place or time. Know that I am always talking to YOU when I teach. Know that I believe in you, and that even though I cannot see you, I am rooting for you. It has been my complete honor to be your teacher. Please continue to share your feedback in your reviews, and feel free to reach out to me. From the bottom of my heart, Namaste.

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Teacher of the Month - Christen Bakken

Posted on 4/25/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Christen Bakken Yoga Insights

A message to my YogaDownload students: I regularly imagine YDL students practicing yoga in their living rooms, hotel rooms, and on vacation and it immediately brings a sense of awe and gratitude to me. I have been so blessed to have yoga in my life and to know that all over the world people are opening their hearts, minds and bodies to the practice covers me in chills. I know that the quality of my life and everyone I come in contact with is made better because of my yoga work. Consequently I know that there are countless people making their lives better not only for themselves but for everyone they touch. I would call this a revolution and I am honored to even play a small part in it.

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