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Posted on 6/7/2022 by Yoga & More Download

Dear YogaDownload students, Hello lovelies! Thank you for letting me be part of your YogaDownload community! Every time I get an email of one of your reviews, my heart bursts with joy! Sharing the reverence in moving slow, soaking in Sound Journeys, and connecting to who we truly are is a blessing. I’m grateful for all of you. Remember, friends, we don’t have to show up as anyone, be anyone, or act a certain way—on or off the mat—to be “good” at yoga or life. Life is just about being alive and embodying who we truly are more fully. You—exactly as you are, without changing a thing about yourself—are worthy of it all. You’re enough simply by existing. See you on the mat for Yin + Sound. All the love!

What teachers have impacted you the most?

I’m probably expected to list some famous yoga teachers here, but the two most influential teachers whose teachings have impacted me the most are Alan Watts and Ram Dass. Listen to their lectures, read their books—holy cannoli, will they change your world!

What is your wildest dream?

To publish a beach read, that's everyone's favorite summer book!

How do you think can yoga help our world?

Yoga truly is a practice of self-acceptance. I think a lot of turmoil stems from the fear of being wrong or seen as unworthy. We strive for power or perfection to validate our self-worth or settle into apathy in the form of self-protection. The most important relationship we cultivate is the vulnerable one we have with ourselves. Someone who loves and accepts themselves extends that wonderful gift to everyone they meet—they allow people to be just as they are, without expecting them to live up to an idea they created of who they should be in their heads. Yoga helps us to realize that we are divine, that we are enough. Yoga helps us settle into our innate nature—radiant joy. What a treasure to bring into the world.



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