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Posted on 3/30/2022 by Yoga & More Download

Hello to all of you amazing and dedicated Yoga Download students!! I see you and the work you're putting in for yourself. I read and appreciate the comments you share about your experience with the classes. I'm so grateful to be able to do this kind of 'work' - to share something I believe in so deeply with people like you who are interested and willing to do the work, to step onto the mat and see where it all goes, how it all flows from there! There is no end to this lifelong yoga journey - I encourage you to stay present, stay positive and trust the process and practice.

What are some of your favorite quotes?

"Practice Practice Practice And All Is Coming" - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 

"What Is The Meaning Of Life? Enjoying The Passage Of Time" - I cannot remember who said it, unfortunately, but it resonates with me a lot and I do what I can to live by this! 

How has being a yoga teacher evolved for you over the years? What are some things that have not changed?

I suppose my practice has slowed down in ways, I crave stillness and quiet, rather than the supercharged power yoga classes I used to take all of the time, where music was a big part of the experience, less focus on breathing and mindful movement. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, I still enjoy those classes, but more and more I find myself moving slower and deeper and for longer periods of time - more Yin and Meditation - a very common evolution or progression for anyone who practices for awhile - the desire and ability to simply sit with yourself.

What has not changed is my deep desire to move, to challenge my body - to use this incredible yoga practice for exercise, to stay fit, strong, and healthy! 

What is your favorite yoga pose. Why?

Downward dog, hands down! For me, it feels amazing and that's enough. But ... it has incredible value for the spine, strengthens shoulders and upper body, including core - stretches backside of legs from hamstrings down to the calves and heels (stretches feet and toes too). It also provides the inversion benefits, being upside down! Down dog is the best pose, for me, period! This pose also allows space for deep and full breathing.

How do you bring yoga into your day-to-day life? 

I am a big believer in the power of breath. Breathing is an integral part of yoga. Being aware and conscious of my breathing throughout my days helps me to navigate daily circumstances and stresses. If I am not aware or do not use my breath as a tool to regulate and release tension, it will find a way to burrow into my body, my nervous system will be taxed and these stressors will show up down the road - pain in my body, sickness, etc... It can affect happiness and energy as well. I also find that the asanas and movement patterns of yoga keep my body in tip-top shape, minimizing pain and injuries, optimizing energy and all-around helps me to feel really good!  Lastly, the yoga practice off of the mat is useful in any and all relationships and encounters with people and society as a whole - you carry with you a set of virtues or morals that help you to navigate through life! ESSENTIALLY, YOGA IS LIFE!



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