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Posted on 2/3/2020 by Yoga Download

Dear students, After a significant loss, namely the death of my mother, I decided to teach yoga in a revolutionary and meaningful way, in her honor. So, I developed a pioneering bilingual class format to serve my local community as a cultural bridge, a sample of which you can enjoy here at YDL. The main reason I believe in the power of this bilingual yoga class format is due to one of my favorite quotes of all times from Albert Einstein, which says that “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” By bringing diversity and inclusivity to yoga rooms all over the world with these bilingual classes at YDL, together we make Yoga accessible to all, we foster understanding and tolerance - a most urgent need indeed in today’s society.

What inspires your teaching?

My commitment to forever change our social fabric, to beneficially influence future generations through the dissemination of this wellness technology called Yoga, with the deepest desire to perpetually encourage others to also want to be of service, for all of us to embody the SEVA portion of the yogic path, so together we raise the vibration of our communities.

How do you think yoga can help our world?

If one allows it, Yoga provides an integrative packet of sound information, insight into the current state of our wellbeing, and eventually it contributes continuously to our overall sense of wholesomeness. What follows after consistent and devoted practice of all 8 limbs of Yoga is both the individual and communal positive evolution.

The path of the Yogi is a lifestyle and one of ever enriching experiences which if open to those offerings throughout your journey, consequentially you are gifted with an improved outlook of life that translates into constructive output, there is no limits to your personal growth and its repercussions. The benefits of your yoga practice do not stop nor stay just with you, they trickle down into the world.





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