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Posted on 8/27/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, I am truly honored to be able to share my love for yoga, mindfulness and meditation. It is in the power of the pause that I feel we each find our way and it is the gift of yoga to teach us to 'never underestimate the power of a pause.' I hope you enjoy my classes and that they give you a few more tools in your tool box to find strength, grace, ease and resilience in the everyday and in every way.

1. In your words, what is yoga?

To me, yoga means connection. It can be connection to a loved one, to a circumstance, to a challenge. It is by connecting with someone, something or the energy fo such, that a third experience - separate from the two beings or things connecting shows up. This is relationship and we learn more from being in various relationships than anything linear.

2. What inspires your teaching?

Challenge inspires my teaching and I do not mean the challenge of a crazy pose, I mean meeting the challenge of just showing up to the studio, to the mat, to the meditation cushion... to my mind and heart. I bet this is an inspiration for you too. Yoga is full of inspiration in the non-pretty parts. Sometimes the bravest thing someone can do all day long is show up and I honor that, as I know that in myself. This inspires me to keep learning and sharing from what I learn. 

3. What teachers have impacted you the most?

The teachers that have impacted me the most are: 

Shiva Rea, my root teacher and deep inspiration for how she believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself...

Sianna Sherman, the grace that gave me permission to have my own voice... and hold stories in my heart...

Gary Kraftsow, the urgent push to learn from my bias and shift my thinking...

4. How do you bring yoga in your day to day life? 

Owning a studio brings yoga face forward everyday and in every way, as it is not just about mat based practice, it is also about interacting with others. It is about having conversations and learning from various circumstances with students, teachers and my own doubts and fears. The weaving of yoga into business has anchored so many practices in my actions, from trial and error - learning and lesson!

5. How do you think can yoga help our world?

How can it not. Yoga can help the world by inviting people into the mindful moment of now, rather than the fear of yesterday and the worry of tomorrow, There is a simplicity in the listening that the practices provide that bust through the chatter, the lack thinking and the notions of limitation many of us experience in the day-to-day.

6. What are some other passions in your life, things, activities, or practices that give you purpose and benefit your well-being?

I fell in love with wake surfing five years ago. I remember seeing the skillful and graceful riders, riding a static - four foot wave behind my man's motorboat. My first thought after appreciating the beauty, strength and courage was "not for me." I was certain that I could never learn this sport/art over 40!

Something though, in the encouragement of my beloved and my friends inspired me to try and now, I cannot wait to get to the boat everyday in the summer to rip it like the middle-aged lady I am! It is empowering!!! By pushing ourselves into new "out of the normal" activities, we build strength and courage and will.

7. What are your favorite places in the world. What do you love about them?

I love my home... it is my safe place of love and connection. I love the lake... it is where I source my strength. I love our studio,, as it is where I hear my heart speak.

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