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Posted on 12/2/2019 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, As 2019 comes to a close I’ve been reflecting on my yoga practice over the past 11 months. It has begun to shift more and more away from focusing on physical flexibility and strength (and making shapes) to focusing on yoga of the mind and how the practice affects me internally. It’s been a really beautiful experiment. I ask you, if you’d like, to look back on your practice over the past year and notice and appreciate all that it has brought into your life - from strength to concentration to serenity.

1. How do you bring yoga in your day to day life? 

I bring yoga into my life each day by remembering the concept of Ahimsa (nonviolence). I’m constantly working on being more compassionate to myself. After a lifetime of perfectionism, yoga is slowly allowing me to let down intense criticisms of myself and be a little kinder. And it some way letting it all go allows me to feel more productive/successful in things. 

2. How do you think can yoga help our world?

I think yoga can help our world so much by showing us how similar we all are. When we are able to see these similarities it’s easier to be compassionate and kind to others even when they have very different lives and very different and sometimes hard to understand opinions. It’s easy to view things in black and white and write off anyone who sees the opposite. Yoga can challenge us to see the gray in it all. 

3. What are some other passions in your life that benefit your well-being?

Being in nature often adds so much to my life. I’ve always been into hiking, camping and walking the beach since I could walk! Being in touch with the earth is like it’s own type of yoga or meditation. It allows us to clear our minds, to ground and breath a little deeper. And doing yoga in these spaces never hurts!

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