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Posted on 10/31/2019 by Yoga Download

I am delighted to be involved with YogaDownload! I enjoy designing classes that can encourage and facilitate your home practice. And I love when you let me know what your experience with the class was in the comments section! It helps me to refine my teaching and ensure you can get the most of out the classes I offer through YogaDownload.

1. In your words, what is yoga? 

Yoga is the practice of stilling and quieting the activity of the mind. One way we can practice quieting the mind is through the practice of the physical yoga poses, or asanas. This is what I share with you via YogaDownload.

2. What inspires your teaching? 

The experiences of living in the life that I am in. That includes the relationship to the body I live in and the mind I have. When I teach, I am sharing techniques that have helped me manage these relationships.

3. What are some other passions and things in your life give you purpose and benefit your well-being?

I love to spend time reading, sitting on meditation cushion and practicing on my yoga mat. These practices help me to stay grounded and live a life dedicated to “happy-making”. Some of my favorite ways to do this are through travel, teaching, singing, playing in nature, and connecting with others!

4. What are your favorite places in the world. What do you love about them? 

I am passionate about traveling and seeing the world. It is hard to pick my favorite places!! I love India. One of my primary teachers lives in India. It fills me to study with her in her home studio and travel with her. 

I also lead international yoga retreats. I just returned from a retreat in Tanzania. The land and the people of Africa connect me to the depth of love in my heart. I cannot wait to go back!

Practice one of Dana's fantastic Iyengar yoga classes HERE

Here are Dana's 5 favorite YogaDownload classes, that she recommends practicing!

Neck Nirvana with Patrick Montgomery 

I carry chronic tension in my neck and upper back. This class feels amazing in my body!

Both Arm Balancing Workshops 5 & 6, Forearm Stand and Handstand with Kyle Weiger

I LOVE inversions! And I really enjoyed the way Kyle approached these workshops. He gave a great combo of openings, strengthening, alignment, and just enough stamina work where I was engaged in the inversion work without feeling exhausted.

Humble Warrior Flow with Keith Allen

This class hits ALL of my problem spots and is a great way to incorporate some flow into my more static yoga practice!

Deep release for the hips and low back with... Me!

My hips and low back need a lot of love, between my yoga and strength practice, time spent walking and hiking, and my daily seated meditation practice. This class gives my hips and back a deep release and keeps me open and comfortable through my pelvic and abdominal region.











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