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Posted on 10/31/2018 by Keith Allen

A message to my Yoga Download students: Study anatomy and Ayurveda! Both my personal practice and my teaching of yoga have benefitted beyond measure by investing time and energy in these studies to enhance my understanding and applicability of the practice to myself and others. By understanding the five-element and three-dosha systems of Ayurveda, anyone can rather quickly learn how to customize a yoga practice (and, in fact, virtually every aspect of lifestyle) to the needs of the individual, as well as to environmental factors such as the season and the time of day. And learning anatomy-based alignment technique, like looking under the hood of the machine or behind the magician's veil, empowers us to understand the mechanics of our own bodies as well as those of the practice, and to keep ourselves safe and progressing effectively in our physical and mental development. Of course, these systems can be difficult to understand alone, and are best learned from a teacher who has invested decades in studying them, which is why I am particularly happy about and proud of my Yoga Download videos in therapeutic alignment, anatomy and Ayurveda. They can quickly and easily help anyone gain significant understanding in these crucial areas of study without demanding too much time and effort.

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Posted on 10/1/2018 by Yoga Download

Lovely YDL students, I have had the honor of teaching in this format for several years, and I have truly enjoyed reading your comments and even connecting directly with some of you. The feeling that the work I put into my own practice, study and teaching is able to eminate beyond my own physical reaches is one of the beautiful things about the internet that interconnects us all, across boarders and across time. Thank you for bringing me into your home, office, hotel room, or other space you choose to practice in. It is an honor to be a part of your journey.

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Posted on 9/3/2018 by Yoga Download

A big hello to my YogaDownload family! I just want to express my deep gratitude for having been involved with YogaDownload for over six years now, from the time before we even had visual recordings of classes. Oh how the technology, website, teachers and students have grown since then! I was so honored to be asked to teach at YogaDownload's first retreat this past August, and continue to enjoy getting notes from students all around the world. Honestly, being part of this community has been one of the best things in my life - thanks for being a part of it!

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Posted on 7/31/2018 by Yoga Download

Hello YDL students! I am so grateful for each and everyone of you. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love and being a part of my classes. Some of you have been students since the early days when we only had audio classes and pdf downloads! It's exciting to look back and see how far we all have come.

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Posted on 7/5/2018 by Yoga Download

Yoga has become a lifestyle for me. It’s so much more than the physical practice of asana. It’s about living an integrated existence- heart, soul, mind and strength. If the matters of my heart and soul are in disfunction, that manifests into my mental and physical health. Yoga Sutra I.14 says, “To achieve a strong foundation in our practice, we must practice over a long time, without interruption, believing in it and looking forward to it, with an attitude of service.” My practice shifts from a more vigorous power class at the studio to Yin and restorative postures at home- depending on the day or season of life. I’ve practiced consistently for years and I’m grateful for a modality that centers me and allows me to deepen and authenticate my spiritual-walk. I believe in and look forward to daily breath-work, prayer, movement and stillness. They are essential to how I can serve in my many roles: wife, mother, teacher, etc...

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Posted on 5/28/2018 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload Students! You inspire me. It really takes something to cultivate a home practice. My hope is that you will explore the many incredible offerings from this community. I believe that the practice of yoga is truly for everyone. Even if you find yourself challenged or uncertain, consider the possibility that you are right where you belong and that the discomfort is an agent of support and growth. Whatever you hope to accomplish, it is my desire to serve you. With love and kindness, Ellen

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Featured Teacher: Caitlin Rose Kenney

Posted on 4/26/2018 by Yoga Download

What are some other passions in your life or things that give you purpose and benefit your well-being? Aside from yoga, one of my dearest passions is being a beekeeper. I don't tend commercial bees nor harvest very much honey. For me, beekeeping is being a steward of the honeybees — I do my best to support them with nectar when they need it, aid their adjustments to the seasons and help control the spread of disease. In return, I receive from the bees lessons, both bitter and sweet, about how nature works and how to slow down and experience life in more detail. Going into a hive box pulls me into the present moment and every colony I've tended has taught me something.

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Posted on 3/29/2018 by Yoga Download in Mark Morford March 2018 Teacher of the Month

How do you think yoga can help our world? Yoga doesn’t help the world. It’s not a magic potion, some sort of sacred ointment made of handstands and weird breathing you apply to life’s problem areas. All truly aligned, time-tested spiritual practices serve the same purpose – to (eventually) reveal to the seeker what they know, deep down, already exists, but perhaps forgot: that divine center, your “essence nature” – i.e.; that stable, wordless, unfucked-with Godhead, the Self that’s been there since the beginning of the beginning. When this Self is more fully awakened – be it with the help of meditation, asana, chanting, or myriad other sacred technique – what naturally re-emerges will look very much like… gratitude. Or kindness. Love. Compassion. Generosity. Empathy. Unicorns dancing on the head of Jesus. Pick any one, they’re all the same. For most sentient beings on Earth, this is the natural expression of your true Self. This is what spontaneously arises when all the other noise and nonsense of the ego have finally calmed down. So then: Yoga doesn’t help the world. You help the world, by skillfully, avidly expressing your divine Self, every damn day. Yoga is simply the revelatory catalyst.

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Posted on 2/23/2018 by Yoga Download

Sweet YDL students, It is an absolute honor to be a teacher in your life. A concept that inspires me the most is the idea of a lit candle and the power of seeing that candle light others and those candles light others and so on. Before you know it, the whole world will shine brighter. The power of is that I have the opportunity to spark the light within you and you have the chance to spread that light. Together we make a ripple effect. To even consider that your downdog and backbend work in your kitchen or a hotel room might be impacting lives for the better across the globe brings a giant smile to my face. I bow deeply in gratitude.

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Featured Teacher: Pradeep Teotia

Posted on 2/7/2018 by Yoga Download

Hello my dear & wonderful YogaDownload family. Thank you for letting me share my love & passion for yoga with YOU. I am so grateful. I can’t wait to hear from you all & I hope to meet you someday. Thank you Thank you Thank You. With love & light, Pradeep

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