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Posted on 10/28/2021 by Yoga Download

Dear YogaDownload students, It’s truly my honor to be one of your yoga teachers. Thank you for continuously inviting me into your homes virtually and trusting me to guide you through this practice. May these classes help you discover a lasting peace, joy, strength, and freedom that extends beyond the four corners of your yoga mat.

In your words, what is yoga?

Yoga is a practice of realizing our own wholeness and living from the wisdom that comes from that realization. It invites us to tend to our mind, body, and spirit so that we can uncover and overcome any internal patterns that block our inner peace, health and purpose. 

How do you bring yoga into your day-to-day life?

I bring yoga into my daily life with the understanding that it is meant to be practiced both on and off the mat. Yoga happens anytime I cease to allow an invasive thought to grip me. It happens when I am triggered and remember to pause and breathe and am able to respond from a place of wisdom. It happens when I am able to sit with an emotion or feeling long enough to receive the lesson. It happens when I am in conversation with someone who thinks differently than I do, and am able to listen with an open mind and heart. It happens anytime I let go of judgement and instead become open to love. It happens when I allow myself to be present enough to fully experience a moment for all that it is. It happens when I choose to believe that I am whole, strong, and capable. It happens often, but not enough. The more I practice yoga and remain open to growth, the more it seeps into my daily life. May yoga do the same for you.  

What are some things you were grateful for today? 

Today I am grateful for my kind and silly 8-year-old son, my sweet and loving husband, my large extended family who allows me to be, friends who help me grow and make me laugh, health, yoga, YogaDownload, my beloved students, chocolate, our beautiful earth, and this incredible life I get to lead. 




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